Basic Information
Colors AspenGreenColor Aspen Green
BistreColor Bistre
MetallicMintColor Metallic Mint
RobinColor Robin egg blue
Group Type Team
Leader Aspen Braith
Members Aspen Braith
Malia Mint
Peyton Ecru
Aisley Amaranth
Status Active

AMBR (pronounced as "Amber") is a team from Beacon Academy consisting of Aspen Braith, Malia Mint, Peyton Bistre, and Aisley Robin. By the time RWBY joins, AMBR, and Team CBTL, are in their fourth and final year. 


Aspen Braith is the leader of Team AMBR.
Malia Mint is a member of Team AMBR.
Peyton Ecru is a member of Team AMBR.
Aisley Amaranth is a member of Team AMBR.


  •  Originally, WEAT was going to be named OPAL but was later changed.
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