Adam Sterling
Personal data
Age 22
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Mecha Racer
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Western Caverns
Residence Western Caverns
Nationality Slugterranian
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark red
Skin color Tan
Relatives Conner Sterling (father)
McKayla O'Rion (mother)
Lucas Sterling (brother)
William Sterling (brother)
Scott Sterling (adoptive brother/cousin)
Bailey Sterling (sister)
Arianna Sterling (ancestor)
Cyrus O'Rion (ancestor)
Affiliation Sterling Family
Mecha Beast Cheetah model
Friends Shane Gang
Enemies Dr. Blakk
Powers and skills
Skills Mecha Racing, mechanical intuition
Weaknesses Protective of Bailey
Equipment Z-Striker Blaster
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Bailey can make her own choices. That's alright with both me and Mom. Dad...he's not much for change.
Adam Sterling

Adam Sterling is a 22-year-old Mecha Racer from the Western Caverns born into the great Sterling family, a long line of Mecha Racers.

He is the fourth son and child of Conner Sterling and McKayla “Kayla” O'Rion, the younger brother of Luke and William Sterling, the younger adoptive brother and cousin of Scott Sterling and the older brother of Bailey Sterling. His Mecha Beast is a Cheetah-styled model, nicknamed "Cheetah". His ace slug is a Diggrix slug nicknamed Rixxer.

Physical description

Adam is a tall and handsome young man with shaggy black hair and dark red eyes that stand out against his tan skin. He normally wears a dark reddish-brown long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans and boots. He also wears fingerless gloves and his Z-Striker blaster is strapped to his left hip.


Adam a calm and go with the flow kind of guy, but is highly protective of his little sister. Much like Bailey, Adam tries to keep himself. Because his family is well known throughout Slugterra, Adam is usually found out right away due to the fact that his eyes give his identity away, since his family are known for their dark red colored eyes.



  • Mecha Racing: Born into a long line of Mecha Racers, Adam is very skilled in doing many things while riding.
  • Slugslinging: Adam knows enough about Slugslinging to use during his races.
  • Mechanical intuition: Adam is very skilled in the mechanical section, as she is able to easily repair his Mecha Beast and/or upgrade it.
  • Enhanced agility


  • Z-Striker Blaster: Adam's blaster is styled after a cheetah's head with the main color being yellow with tints of orange. Designed by the Cave Trolls that live in his home cavern, Adam's blaster was equipped with a launching pad for better aim while racing.
  • Cheetah Mecha Beast: Adam's Mecha Beast is a cheetah model nicknamed "Cheetah". Cheetah is made for speed, but is only strong enough to carry Adam himself. Like other Mecha-Beasts, Cheetah can transform into a bike and aquatic mode, as well as a flight mode. In addition, Cheetah is equipped with an artificial intelligence, allowing Cheetah to think and move on its own.


  • Protective of Bailey: Adam is highly protective of his younger sister and often worries about her.


Growing Up

Born into a long line of Mecha Racers, Adam was designed to follow. He is the fourth child and last son of Conner Sterling and Kayla Chase, the younger brother of Luke and William, the younger adoptive brother and cousin of Scott and the older brother of Bailey.

Growing up, when his parents would argue, Adam would take Bailey out of the house to do fun things, which their father wouldn't let them. Adam helped his mother raise Bailey. Even after he turned of age to begin racing, Adam wouldn't leave home. He did minor races that were in the Western Caverns but nothing more.

Meeting the Shane Gang

Adam ends up meeting the Shane Gang, who saved his sister form Dr. Thaddius Blakk when he tried to get Bailey to join his cause. At that moment, Adam knew it was time for Bailey to follow her own destiny and just asked the Gang to watch over her and protect her.


  • Like Bailey, Adam is left handed.
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