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Template:LionKing InfoboxAjali is the only daughter of Yejide and the love interest of Simba.

Physical description

Ajali is a lion cub with tannish-grey coat, lighter pale greyish-brown muzzle, underbelly and paws. Her tail tuft is a dark grey, almost black, and she has bright blue eyes. She has seven dots running under her eyes as well.



Ajali is the only daughter of a Yejide, a former princess of a pride, who ran away due to not wanting to be queen of her pride. Upon reaching adulthood and going into heat, Yejide mated with a lion and soon Ajali was born. Since she was born, Yejide was always traveling, never staying in one place for long.

At some point in time, Yejide and Ajali found a young male cub and later took him in. Together the three continued to travel




  • Ajali shares the same name with King of the Jungle character Ajali.
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