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Mom wanted us to strive. Go to what we wanted.
Blake Reynolds

Alice Reynolds[1] is the wife of Devon Reynolds and the late mother of Blake and Kylie Reynolds. Alice had long, blonde-whitish hair and red eyes, which her children inherited from her. Alice was born and raised Albuquerque, New Mexico. She eventually left and moved to Houston Texas where she later met Devon. She eventually gave birth to their first child, a boy that they named Blake. Eight years later, she had her second child, Kylie. Unfortunately, she and Devon were killed in a car crash when she, Devon and Kylie were on the road to watch Blake in one of his dueling tournaments.


  • Alice was originally unnamed but that was changed.
  • Originally it was only Alice that died.
  • Alice had trouble conceiving both Blake and Kylie.


  1. It is unknown if Reynolds was her maiden name or Devon's


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