She was never one to be a parent. She told me that when she dropped Cleo at my doorstep just hours after she was born.
– Cameron about Alyson
Alyson Zlatko, better known as "Phoenix", is the mother of Cleo Zlatko and the younger sister of Cameron Zlatko. She is a former member of Team CYAN, her partner being Nathan North and her weapon of choice is a Chinese Jian called Dragon's Heart. Alyson is a famous Huntress and took it with pride, she was never a "motherly" type of person. Once she had Cleo, she gave her to her brother who was more of the family type of guy. 

Physical description

Alyson is the spitting image of Cleo, having the same dark reddish-brown hair with dark gray eyes, but a paler complexion. She was last seen wearing a black hooded cape over a cream-colored top and matching skirt with brown designs, which stopped at her knees but trailed further behind, combat boots and black leggings. Dragon's Heart was strapped to her waist by a black belt.


While her full personality isn't known, from what Cameron has told Cleo, she was headstrong, stubborn, and full of herself. Alyson, sadly, wasn't much of a mother or parent figure, she couldn't do it so Cameron ended up raising Cleo.



  • Aura: Alyson was able to use Aura, the manifestation of her soul, for various purposes in battle.
  • Semblance – Burning Light: Alyson's Semblance was the hereditary Semblance of the Zlatko family. With the family Semblance, Alyson was able of controlling and manipulation light energy as well as controlling fire.
    • Fire generation: Alyson was able to generate fire and can unleash it in the forms of attacks.
    • ​Light ball projection: Alyson was able to unleash small balls of light energy.
    • Light bullets: Alyson was capable of firing off smaller but faster rounds of light energy.
  • Enhanced speed and agility
  • High intelligence: Just like Cleo, Alyson was incredibly smart, and that allowed her to skip two years at Signal and join her older brother at Beacon Academy (much to his annoyance).


  • Combat mastery: Alyson was very skilled in physical combat.
    • Swordsmanship: Alyson was very proficient in wielding Dragon's Heart with skill.
    • Ambidexterity: Alyson was ambidextrous able to wield Dragon's Heart either left or right hand, though she prefers using her right.
  • Athleticism: Alyson was highly athletic and fit, capable of holding her own in battle, though those that are bigger and physically stronger than her can overpower her.
  • Strategic planning: Alyson was a skilled planner, always making a plan before running into battle. While she doesn't think of the plan out loud, she will voice her options to her teammates before running into battle.


  • Pure darkness: Pure Darkness can easily overwhelm her.
  • Water: As the opposite element of her fire, water can easily put her out of commission.


  • Dragon's Heart: Alyson's weapon of choice was one of the Phenix family's weapons. 
  • Scroll (formerly)


  • Zlatko is a Croatian pet form of Croatian/Serbian Zlatan, meaning "gold."
  • Alyson is of English Origin meaning "Of Noble Kind".
  • Alyson along with her brother and daughter share the Zlatko family emblem, a Gold Phenix.
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