Personal data
Age 5000+
Gender Genderless (referred to as male)
Species Kwami
Morality Good
Living status Active
Additional info
Place of origin Unknown
Residence Paris, France (current)
America (former)
Eye color Blue
Fur color Gray, white
Friends Casey Mitchell
Enemies Hawk Moth
Powers and skills
Powers Flight, levitation, intangibility, Miraculous transformation
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Miraculous: Fangs Out!
Let's go Casey! Chat Noir and Ladybug need help!

Amarok is a kwami that is connected to the Wolf Miraculous, which is currently owned by Casey Mitchell. When Amarok merges with the Wolf Miraculous, Casey is able to transform into the superhero Wolfang. When Casey uses his special power, Amarok slowly loses strength and eventually becomes unable to maintain the transformation. In order to transform again, Amarok must regain his strength by eating, he will eat about anything and is not picky, he just will not eat veggies

Physical description

Amarok is a gray creature with a large head and small body, much like other kwamis. His appearance is similar to that of a gray wolf. He has wolf ears, canine-like blue eyes, a wolf tail, canine teeth, and a pair of antennae on his head.


Amarok is kind, caring and supportive of Casey, who he sees as a close friend. He often worries when Casey doesn't express herself and keeps things to herself. He will try to get her to open up not to anyone but more so to him, since he has been with her for a while before revealing about him. Amarok is also wise with words and Casey often goes to him for advice.



  • Levitation: Amarok has the power to levitate herself above the ground.
  • Intangibility: He can also phase through solid objects.
  • Miraculous transformation: When merging with the Wolf Miraculous, Amarok can transform the wearer into the superhero Wolfang, granting them many powers in the process.
  • Flight


  • Fatigue: Once his partner uses their special power, Amarok begins to lose strength and eventually leaves the Wolf Miraculous, unable to maintain the transformation. When fatigued, Amarok must eat to replenish his energy.


Amarok has existed for several thousand years and like other kwamis and Miraculous stones, originated in Egypt. Over the years and after several partnerships with other Wolfangs, Amarok and his Wolf Miraculous wound up in America, where he was found by Casey Mitchell who was dealing with family issues. At first, Amarok didn't reveal what he was since he could sense that Casey right then and there just needed a friend.

Amarok didn't reveal who he was until after Casey arrived to France and moved in with her host, Adeline Chevalier. The following night, after explaining to Casey what he was, Casey transformed into Wolfang and found excitement and freedom that she never felt before. It was then that Casey became the next Wolfang.


  • Amarok is named after the gigantic gray wolf in Inuit Mythology.
    • Amarok is sometimes spelled Amaroq.
  • Amarok shares the same name with the Winx Club character.
  • Amarok was originally going to female, but was changed
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