Amethyst the Hedge-Tiger (アミスィスト ・ザ ・ヘッドゲ-ティッガー・ Amisisuto za Heddoge-Tiggaa) is a Sonic Next character. She is the only daughter of canon character Sonic the Hedgehog and fan character Zarina the Tiger. She is an anthropomorphic 16 year old tiger-hedgehog hybrid. She inherited her lightning powers from her mother's bloodline and the ability to perform Chaos Control from her father. She also inherited her father's supersonic speed, able to travel at around 700 miles per hour. In appearance, Amethyst takes her father's appearance, but her fur being amethyst-purple.

Her best friend is the daughter of Knuckles the Echidna and Rouge the Bat, Alix the Bat, and future Guardian of the Master Emerald.

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