Antonio the Tiger
Personal data
Alias King Antonio
Age 56
Gender Male
Species Mobian tiger
Occupation King of Hidden Valley
Morality Evil
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Antonio the Tiger (アントーニーオー ・ザ ・タイガー Antooniioo za Taigaa) is a 56 year old anthropomorphic male Mobian tiger, and the king of Hidden Valley. He is the late husband of Neva and the husband Lilac (having married her after the death of Neva), the father of Felix, Carmen, Leya, and Diego, and the step-father of Zarina. He is also the only son of Rune.

Physical description

Antonio is a tall, dark red tiger with black stripes and red eyes. He has shaggy black hair. He wears brown boots with black glovves.



He inherited his the power over fire. He sticks with tradition and does not like things to change. He believes that the girls are meant to just become house maidens and not do anything else while the men are to made into fighters. 

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