Aquarius Starlight
Aquarius Starlight
Personal data
Nicknames Aqua, Star
Gender Female
Species Pegasus pony
Occupation Owner of Oceania X-treme (Equestria)
Owner of Oceania Aquarium (Human world)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Oceania
Residence Friendship Rainbow Kingdom, Ponyville Beach
Hair color Light brilliant vermilion and Light brilliant vermilion
Eye color Moderate red
Fur color Very light gold
Love interest Nigh Bane
Relatives Perseus Estrella (father)</small>
Cassiopeia Shine (mother)
Orion Blade (older brother)
Spirit, Lightning Heart, and Imperia (cousins, mother's side)
Friends Fluttershy, rest of the Mane 6 and Spike
Powers and skills
Powers Flight, communicating with dolphins
Skills Dolphin training
Equipment Training whistle
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Aquarius Starlight, mostly known as Aquarius, is a pegasus pony from the kingdom Oceania, and the owner of Oceania X-Treme, a well known place where she performs shows with the dolphins she has and befriends near the beach.


Aquarius is a pale yellow pegasus pony. She has long light reddish-orange hair with darker streaks and dark red eyes. Her cutie mark is two dolphins (different shades of purple) in a yin and yang form.


Aquarius is a go with the flow kind of pony. She lets things go the way they are. She cares very much for all animals and hates it when one is being mistreated.


Aquarius has a close relationship with her family. She is also on good terms with her cousins, Spirit, Lightning Heart and Imperia.



  • Flight: As a pegasus, Aquarius is an extremely skilled flyer. She uses this skill when preforming her shows with her dolphins. After meeting Rainbow Dash, the two are often seen racing one another to see who is the best. They end up tying.
  • Dolphin communication: As part of her special talent, Aquarius is able to fully understand dolphin and what they are saying.
  • Enhanced speed and agility


  • Dolphin training: Aquarius is adept in training dolphins and because of her skill of dolphin training, Aquarius is also able to understand dolphins.


  • Training whistle: Aquarius is always seen with her training whistle around her neck.


Aquarius Starlight is daughter of Perseus Estrella and Cassiopeia Shine and the younger sister of Orion Blade.

At some point in time, Aquarius fell in love with dolphins and would always been near the ocean playing with them. Some time later, while playing with the dolphins, she discovered her talent: being able to communicate and train dolphins. Later she left Oceania (with permission from her parents and brother) and traveled to Canterlot, but leaving shortly after after hearing about an amazing place. She then arrived to Ponyville where she settled down near the Beach and opened up Oceania X-treme, a dolphin show. While trying to find dolphins for her show, Aquarius ran into Fluttershy and soon the two struck up a friendship with Fluttershy soon introducing Aquarius to her friends. 

Aquarius, as a thank you to Flutterfly for helping her find her dolphins, gave Fluttershy and her friends year long tickets to her shows. 



  • Aquarius is named after the Zodiac of the same name
  • Instead of being named after a constellation, Aquarius is named after the Zodiac.
  • Aquarius was originally a unicorn.