Arashi Nozaki
Personal data
Nicknames Aria
Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Member of the Dragon Hunters (forced)
Morality Good (fakes being Evil)
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Japan
Residence Domino City, Dragon Hunter Headquarters
Ethnicity Japanese
Nationality Japanese
Hair color White
Eye color Orange
Skin color Pale
Love interest Axel Brodie
Relatives June Nozaki (daughter; with Ciaran Reid)
Affiliation Dragon Hunters (forced)
Friends Kyla Reid, Kai Reid
Powers and skills
Skills Dueling proficiency
Weaknesses Vulnerable to Ciaran, protective of Hope
Equipment Duel Disk
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Legend of the Dragons
He tricked me into having sex. Because of him I became a mother to soon.
Arashi Nozaki

Arashi Nozaki (アラシ・ノザッキ Arashi Nozakki), or commonly refereed to as Aria, is one of the members of the Dragon Hunters, the mother of June by Ciaran Reid and the love interest of Axel Brodie.

Physical description

Arashi is a young woman with long white hair and orange eyes.




  • Dueling proficiency: Though she hasn't shown it, Arashi is skilled duelist.


  • Vulnerable to Ciaran: Arashi is vulnerable to Ciaran and fears him, especially after she was manipulated by him and had sex which resulted in June.
  • Protective of June: Like any mother, Arashi is very protective of her daughter, despite being born how she was.


Prior to Legend of the Dragons

Arashi was visiting Domino City when she was manipulated by Ciaran Reid into having sex with him. Unfortunately, during the meeting, Ciaran had gotten her pregnant, after he told her that he was being careful, and he wasn't. Upon learning she was pregnant, Ciaran kidnapped her from her home and took her back to Domino City and made her live at the Dragon Hunters' Headquarters. Her only friend was Kyla Reid, Ciaran's younger sister.

Kyla ended up helping Arashi through her pregnancy and later, labor. When her daughter was born, Ciaran disowned her saying she was worthless.

Legend of the Dragons

In her first appearance, Arashi is seen hiding something very important from the other members (minus Kyla).


In the future, Arashi marries Axel and gives birth to his son, Jayke.


It is unknown what kind of deck Arashi duels with.


  • Arashi is a Japanese name meaning "Storm."
  • Arashi was originally made to be part of the evil group.
  • Arashi was originally Aster's love interest. 
  • Arashi was originally named Dawn.
Trials of Darkness series
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