Personal data
Gender Female
Species Arachnet
Occupation Slug of Bailey Sterling
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Arachna Cavern
Residence With Bailey
Affiliation Sterling family, Shane Gang
Friends Vira, Spinner
Enemies Dr. Blakk
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020

Arcana is a female Arachnet slug, Bailey Sterling's very first Slug and one of Bailey's ace slugs alongside Vira.

Arcana gets along great with Eli's Arachnet slug, Spinner, due to them being the same species.

Known moves

  • Protoform Abilities: Arcana can spin a web line, or create a small web-like net.
  • Velocity Form abilities
    • Grapnet: Arcana shoots a web line back at the slinger while flying through the air, then grabs on to a wall or solid hanging object like a grappling hook.
    • Flashnet: Arcana spins a net like web to wrap up an opposing Slug and disable it.
    • Webwall: Arcana spins a stretchy net wall across an opening or battle area. Can stop a fall, or fling attacks back at an opponent.
    • Threadstinger: Arcana shoots a single poison thread pumping venom through like a taser.
    • Cocoono: Arcana wraps an opponent up in its sticky cocoon.
    • Arachnorok: Arcana shoots sticky web balls that have the force to knock opponents off their feet, then tangle them up in gooey web.


Arcana's past is unknown. She was eventually found by Bailey before she even started her Mecha Racing Training. Arcana liked being with Bailey and stayed with her - despite her father, Conner Sterling, wanting Bailey to have a different Slug as her starter Slug to train with. Thankfully, Adam was able to get their father to understand and let Bailey keep Arcana. Arcana has been with Bailey since she started training and even was with Bailey when she found Vira - who Arcana became best friends with.

Once Bailey hit thirteen, Arcana went with her and Vira as she started the Mecha Races. Two years later, when Bailey was fifteen, and won a race, she was approached by Dr. Thaddius Blakk, who tried to recruited Bailey into his team due to her great racing skills. Bailey was quickly saved by the Shane Gang who took her to their hideout. There, Bailey, Vira, and Arcana were told about Dr. Blakk and his Ghouls and both quickly joined the team, after letting Piper know.


  • Arcana was going to be named Araña which was Spanish for "spider".
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