Arctos is a planet that is home to anthropomorphic canine-like creatures, known as Arctosians. Their planet is never in one spot for every long, which makes it very hard to track. Their system of government is absolute monarchy, usually ruled by a queen. They are known for powers over the elements, ranging from fire, water, earth, wind, ice, lightning, darkness, and even light. Most Arctoisans gain one of the elements, though in Winter's case, she did not.

Winter is the first, and only Arctosian, to have the power over psychic energy. Due to this, Winter was teased and bullied a lot as a child, but her mother was able to convince her that having different powers was a good thing

Prior to Winter being sent away, the planet was in war with a rival planet which caused the death of Winter's mother, Catherine. When it got too dangerous, Winter, and many of the young children and teenagers, were went to different planets for safety.

The status of the planet is unknown.

Known Arctosians


  • Arctos comes from the Latin name of the Arctic wolf, or white wolf, Canis lupus arctos.
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