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Aria King
Personal data
Nicknames Ari (by Blake only)
Age 24
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Employee of King's Diner
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Paris, France
Residence Phoenix, Arizona
Ethnicity American
Nationality American
Skin color Pale
Height 5"9'
Love interest Blake Reynolds
Relatives Tyler King (step-father)
Melanie King (mother)
Lucas King (step-grandfather)
Zaylin King (step-grandmother)
Friends Blake Reynolds, Kylie Reynolds, Maddie Lucas
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Unexpected
Aria King is the step-daughter of Tyler King and the daughter of the late Melanie King. She is also the love interest of Blake Reynolds and an employee of her step-father's restaurant, King's Diner.

Physical description

Aria is a tall, slim and slender beautiful young woman with long black hair and icy blue eyes - which make her stand out. Aria usually wears a dark red blazer, with sleeves going up to the middle of her forearms over a white dress shirt, white skirt and short tan, high heel boots. Her deck case is attached to a belt that is hidden by her blazer.


Aria is calm, kind, caring and mature, though she does now when to have fun. She sees family very important and will do anything for them. She does get annoyed when people believe she can't be the owner of King's Diner, because she's not fully related to Tyler  Aria willing to prove to the world that gender means nothing when it comes to the work force. She will do whatever she can to help those who cannot.



  • Managerial skills: As a worker of her step-father's diner, Aria learned the many skills needed to help run the restaurant. She is able to do many things, including serving, taking orders, cook, clean and even take care of the register.
  • Multitasking
  • Multilingual: Aria is able to speak and write fluently in French.


Early Life

Aria was originally born in Pairs France to Melanie Dubois, she never learned her father. When she was around five months old, Melanie moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she could later meet Tyler King. Since then, Aria was always around Tyler. Aria even said her first word, "Da-Da", to Tyler which proved to Melanie that Tyler was the right man for her. Three years later of dating, Tyler popped the question and he and Melanie were married, Tyler even named Arsinoe his best lady.

When Aria was ten years old, Melanie was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. Despite the loss of Melanie, Aria and Tyler continued and their relationship grew even more.


Aria makes her meeting Blake as he is looking for a job.


  • Aria was originally made just for Caught Between Two Worlds but ShadowSpirit020 loved her more than Bella Christian, and so the changes were made.

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