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Arsinoe Shijo
Arsinoe Shijo
Personal data
Alias Arsinoe Shijo
Age 38
Gender Female
Species Human
Deck Horus
Occupation Shop-owner
Proctor of the Legendary Dragon (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Cairo, Egypt
Residence Domino City, Japan
Ethnicity Egyptian
Nationality Egyptian-Japanese
Hair color Dark red
Eye color Blue
Skin color Tan
Relatives Cleopatra Massri (mother)
Amon Massri (brother)
Satoshi Shijo (husband)
Tiye Shijo (daughter)
Partner Horus Phoenix
Friends Ishizu, Odion, and Marik Ishtar
Powers and skills
Powers Duel spirit communication
Skills Extensive knowledge on Ancient Egyptian history, extensive knowledge on Legendary Beasts, dueling skills
Production notes
Created by Skyfrost14
Appearances Duel Academy Chronicles

Arsinoe Shijo (née Massri) (アルスィノエ・シジオ Arusinoe Shijio) is the mother of Tiye Shijo, wife of Satoshi Shijo, the daughter of Cleopatra Massri, sister of Amon Massri, and the sister-in-law of Akane Shijo. She is the former protector of the Legendary Dragons, having passed the cards to Tiye.

Physical description

Arsinoe is a slender and beautiful middle-aged Egyptian woman with medium-length dark, rich, red hair, tanned skin and blue eyes. She wears a pale cream sleeveless dress, a transparent veil that rests on her shoulders like a cape, and light tan boots. She also wears gold bracelets and has gold ringlets in her hair. She also wears a gold headpiece styled after the Millennium Necklace.


Arsinoe is seen as a calm and loving mother. She is very good at hiding her emotions, which she did when Satoshi vanished and she knew she had to stay strong for her daughter. Arsinoe is very protective of her daughter and often worries that she will get teased for not having a father around. She worries that if someone learns that she is raising Tiye on her own, they might get second thoughts.


Cleopatra Massri

Arsinoe has a close relationship with her mother and often goes to her for advice. The two are closer than ever after Satoshi's sudden disappearance.

Satoshi and Tiye Shijo

Satoshi and Tiye are Arsinoe's husband and daughter, respectively. Arsinoe is very close with both, and like her daughter was devastated when Satoshi went missing. She then began to home-school Tiye in fear of losing her too.

Akane Shijo

Arsinoe's relationship with Satoshi's twin sister is unknown.

Amon Massri

Arsinoe used to have a good bond with her brother. But that changed after her marriage to Satoshi and the birth of Tiye.



  • Duel spirit communication: Arsinoe is able to see and communicate with all Duel Spirits.
  • Mental communication with the Legendary Dragons: Despite not being the keeper, Arsinoe is still able to mentally communicate with the Legendary Dragons.


  • Dueling proficiency: Arsinoe is a very skilled duelist and is able to fix his Hand if he is in a jam.
  • Multilingual: Arsinoe is able to speak and write fluently in Egyptian and Japanese.
  • Extensive knowledge on Ancient Egyptian history: Arsinoe is highly knowledgeable in Ancient Egyptian history.
  • Extensive knowledge on Legendary Dragons: Born into the Massri family, Arsinoe is highly knowledgeable on the Legendary Dragons.


Arsinoe was born into the Massri Family, a family that protected and guarded the Legendary Dragons, as the only daughter of Cleopatra and the younger sister of Amon. At a young age, Arsinoe learned that she was chosen as the next guardian after her mother. Growing up Arsinoe became fascinated with the history of Egypt and wanted to learn more. She attended a private school in Cairo where she learned everything she could and was the youngest person to graduate at age 18. Growing up in Egypt Arsinoe was also friends with Ishizu, Odion, and Marik Ishtar.

Sometime during her early 20s, she met Satoshi Shijo, who was visiting Egypt to study their art. It was love at first sight and the two began dating. After introducing Satoshi to her mother, the Legendary Dragons were created and Arsinoe was given their card forms. Three years later, Satoshi, with permission from Cleopatra, proposed to Arsinoe who accepted. They married in Egypt before moving to Japan and a year and half later, they welcomed their daughter Tiye to the world. Knowing that with Tiye born, Amon would do nothing to become guardian and use their power for his own good. So, Arsinoe asked the Dragons if Tiye could be the next guardian despite the fact that the dragons chose the next guardian themselves. The dragons eventually agreed but make Arsinoe promise that Tiye was to not play them in a duel until the time was right and the new mother agreed.

However, when Tiye was around six-seven years old, Satoshi suddenly vanished without a trace. Unable to think clearly, Arsinoe called her mother and asked her to move in to help her. Arsinoe then pulled Tiye out of school and began to home-school her in fear of losing her too.

Nine years after Satoshi's disappearance, Arsinoe allows Tiye to try out for Duel Academy.


  • Arsinoe is named after the Egyptian Queen of the same name.
  • Arsinoe's ringlets are styled after Ishizu Ishtar's.

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