I want people to like me for me, not Mother.
Aurora Neva

Aurora Neva is the only daughter of the Snow Queen. She is part of the Snow Queen story as the next Snow Queen. In the destiny conflict, she is on Royal side. While she does want to be the next Queen of Ice and Snow, she is also nervous about becoming the next Snow Queen. Originally from the icy north, Aurora transfers to Ever After High as a second year.

Aurora's Roomate is Shahra. 

Physical description

Aurora is a petite girl with pale skin, bright blue eyes, and long platinum blonde hair with a single streak of purple. It is offend held up in a French Braid and her bangs sweep in front of her eyes. She is always seen in purple, light blue, and dark blue, ice colors.


Aurora is seen as a quiet and distant girl. Back in the Icy North, many people avoided her because of her Mother. Everyone thought she was cold hearted and heartless, but in reality, Aurora is just someone looking for a friend. Because of her lack of friends, Aurora isn’t that get at getting to know new people. But,

At a young age, Aurora was taught how to rule a queendom and always attended her mother’s meetings. She was also told how to keep her magic down, since hers a little out of control, especially when her temper flares up. She was also taught that everyone has their own destiny and what they want to do with it. Though she is on the royal side, Aurora and her mother have come to an agreement that until she is of age, she is free to do what she wishes before she is to take over as the Snow Queen.

Unlike most princesses who take a tremendous amount of time in getting ready, Aurora doesn’t take very long. She has three things in mind when getting ready: must have light blue and purple, always wear her crown and her cape. She never goes anywhere without her cape, which was made by her family’s Royal seamstress when she was a baby.

Even under her quiet and distant personality, Aurora also has a temper to be reckoned with. While it takes a while to get her temper up, her ice magic is directly powered by her temper. In other words, the angrier she is, the more power she lets out, which can be very dangerous, since she has very little control of her ice magic. If she gets mad enough, she could create a blizzard/snowstorm.

In addition, unlike most princesses, Aurora actually enjoys doing Grim-nastics, hence th at its one of her classes.


Aurora likes doing winter-time sports as well Pegasus Racing, something that is common back at her home. She also loves to practice her ice magic.



  • Cryokinesis: As the daughter of the Snow Queen, Aurora was born with the power to control ice. However, Aurora has limited control over her powers. She is always followed by a trail of snow and the temperature around her is always chilled. If she is in a warm place, her powers automatically make the area cooler for her.


  • Ice skating: Aurora is a pro at ice skating, having done it most of her life.
  • Pegasus caring and training: Aurora is adept in caring and training Pegasi as she has a way to understand them.
    • Pegasus racing: Being able to understand her Pegasi in a way, Aurora is skilled in using them in the Pegasi Races, the famous sport of her land.


  • Hot weather, warm weather: Aurora is weak when out in hot or warm weather .The warm weather can make her sick, so during summer and spring vacation, Aurora tends to return home.
  • Out of control powers: Aurora has limited control over her powers, which prompts her to wear her necklace.


  • Power restrainer: In the form of her necklace, Aurora's necklace helps control how much magic she lets out.

Fairy Tale

Main article: The Snow Queen

Aurora's Role

As the Daughter of the Snow Queen, Aurora is tasked to being the next one. 



Aurora as a good relationship with her mother, who knows her daughter wants to be the next Snow Queen, yet also wants to follow her own path.


Due to her story, many have believed that Aurora is cold hearted and heartless and wants to throw them into her castle. Truth is, Aurora is friendly (once you get the know her) and wants to be friends with people. But because of her quiet and distant personality, she doesn't know how to make friends.

After coming to Ever After High, her first friend is her roommate, Shahra. Aurora and Shahra had some diffculfity, due to the temptaure always changing with Aurora, and Shahra used to warmer weather, but soon they got the hang of it. Eventually, Shahra introduced Aurora to her friends Fay, Daughter of the Fairer-than-a-fairy and Destiny, Daughter of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

While practing for an ice skating tournament, Aurora learns that Destiny also ice skates and soon the two have mini contests for crazy stunts with Aurora winning most of them having done more stunts. Through ice skating together, Aurora gets to learn more about Destiny and Destiny about her.

Despite having three good friends, Aurora still doesn't reveal everything about herself to them, yet. She's just waiting for the right moment.

While visiting Destiny's family during Christmas, she meets Winter Frost, the son of Jack Frost and Destiny's twin brother, Snow. She ends up bonding with Winter with the former helping her with her ice magic. 


During her childhood, Aurora went to her kingdom’s version of the Enchanted Forest, the Frost Forest, where she gained her companion, Glacia the Snow Ferret. Glacia is very affectionate to Aurora and loves to curl around her neck. Glacia is very tame and actually will only obey Aurora’s orders. When Aurora went to school in the Icy North, Glacia followed Aurora to school and began to stay with her. Nothing the teachers did could get Glacia to remain at the palace, so Glacia stayed with Aurora. Eventually, Glacia actually chills up to Shahra.

At home, Aurora owns a lot of Snow Pegasus, winged-horses used to the cold. Her favorites are Black Beauty, Snowberry, Appledusk and Appledusk's foal, who is later adopted by Destiny.

Romantic Interests

Unknown to her, Blake Von Dark, son of Von Rothbart, harbors a crush on her. In addition, Snow Claus, son of Santa Claus and twin brother of Destiny, has a crush on Aurora, she does find him cute and funny especially when he flusters in front of her. 

In Christmas with the Claus', Aurora mets Snow face-to-face and finds herself drawn to him and vise versa. 



Basic Aurora Neva

Aurora's basic outfit

Aurora's hair is held in a french braid and her bangs are swept over her eyes. She wears a crystal blue snowflake crown with lavender jewels atop her head. Her makeup consists of blue lip gloss and grey to blueish/lavender eye shadow. She also has crystal blue icicle-like eye shadow beneath her eyes. Her dress is all-around winter, as she wears a blue and crystal blue top with snowflake and winter wind print. The sleeves are crystal blue and silver, and are tied together with blue jewels. She also wears a crystal-colored collar around her neck. The skirt is a crystal blue color, and is adorned with lace at the hem, which gives it an icicle-like look. She wears lavender tights with a snow and icicle pattern. Her shoes are silver, blue, and crystal blue pumps with icicle heels and snowflake-like crystals with a swirl pattern at the heels. A lavender cape with winter-themed print flows from her back. She wears a light blue necklace with blue jewels decorating it, and hanging from it is a small crystal blue snowflake charm. She also accessorizes with icicle earrings.

Legacy Day

Aurora has her hair tied into a high ponytail, dark purple eye shadow and light blue lipstick. She also wears a white snowflake pin in her hair. Aurora’s accessories are light blue icicle earrings, a snowflake-like pendent necklace and dark purple and light blue bracelets (two on each wrist). Her crown, is like her basic one, except has a more ice-themed to it.

Getting Fairest

She has her hair down and wears a white and light blue robe jacket over a light blue tank top, silky pants and blue slippers. 

Mirror Beach

Because hot weather can make her sick, Aurora doesn't have a swim outfit. 

Hat-tastic Tea Party



Because she isn't much for one dressing up for things like Thronecoming, Aurora wears her Legacy Day outfit, but without the cape, and her accessories are the same. She wears her hair out.

Spring Unsprung

Despite the fact that spring isn’t one of her favorite seasons, Aurora will still wear something springy. She has her hair in a French Braid lying over her shoulder with small snowflake clips, light blue-purple eye shadow. She has no lipstick on. She wears a light blue and white hooded jacket with snowflake patterns; her shoulders are covered by purple flower shoulder pads which are connected with white chains. She also wears a dark purple tight skirt along with white leggings and dark purple calf-length boots.

Sugar Coated


Fairest On Ice

Aurora's hair is styled in a bun-ponytail with her bangs swept over to the right side and held by a turquoise colored barrette. Her eye shadow is a pale purple and her lips are colored pale lavender. She wears a pale blue spaghetti-strap dress, the front stopping at her knees while the back side goes a little bit lower, with snowflake designs, the back side of the dress is longer. Her skates are ankle-length and purple with white snowflakes patterns. Her crown is made of ice crystals and hangs over her head.

Through the Woods

Aurora has her hair tied in a low braid and tied into a bun, her bangs are the same and she has light purple eye shadow with light pink lip gloss. She wears dark blue sleeveless top with a matching skirt, which is longer in the back, and shorter in the front, with light blue leggings and dark purple calf-length boots.

Enchanted Picnic


Way Too Wonderland


Date Night

Aurora has a small portion of her hair tied back while the rest is laid out, she doesn't wear her crown and the only make-up she wears is dark blue eye shadow. She wears a small white jacket over a sleeveless pale blue dress. The skirt portion being a darker shade; the front part reaching her knees while the rest went past her knees in the back. She wears a pair of black boots with icicle patterns and snowflake-like earings.

School Spirit


Book Party


Royally Ever After


Epic Winter


Birthday Ball


Dragon Games

Class Schedule

1st Period: Magicology

2nd Period: Kingdom Management

3rd Period: Science and Sorcery

4th Period: Geogrefairy

5th Period: Grimmnastics

6th Period: Princessology

Next Generation

In the future, Aurora marries Snow and together they have 3 children, twins: Frost and Nieve and little Dove.


  • Her birthday is on December 31th.
  • Neva is Spanish for "snowy".
  • If she is in a really warm place, Aurora gets very sick.
  • Aurora's last name would have been something other than Neva, but something different was wanted.


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