Avery Michaels
Personal data
Nicknames Ava
Age 16
Gender Female
Deck Ice Barrier
Occupation Student of Legend Academy
Student of Nieve City School (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Nieve City
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Skin color Pale
Love interest Josh Quinton
Relatives Olivia Michaels (mother)
Devon Michaels (twin brother)
Mr. Michaels (father; deceased)
Partner Ice Wolf
Powers and skills
Powers Communication with Mythic Beasts
Skills Dueling proficiency
Duel Disk Pale blue body and pale blue blade (rectangular)
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Named after NightThieft200

Avery Michaels is one of the main protagonists for the Legend of the Mythic Beasts series. She is the younger twin sister of Devon Michaels, the younger daughter and child of Mr. Michaels and Olivia Michaels and the love interest of Josh Quinton. Avery is the second person to hold a Mythic Beast card, and in her case, she has Ice Wolf.

Physical description

Avery is slender young girl with long black hair and brown eyes. She has a peach skin tone. She wears the standard Legend Academy female uniform along with a pair of black fingerless gloves and blue and white sneakers.

When outside of school, a short-sleeve white blouse, with a black mini skirt, white knee-length shocks and blue and pink high tops. She also wears a black choker.


Compared to her overconfident, impatient, large ego, and annoying twin brother, Avery is kind, caring, calm, patient and friendly. She gets along great with almost everyone at Legend Academy and loves making new friends. However, since Chrystal Rey's arrival, she hasn't been able to get her to laugh or smile, a mission that Avery now takes seriously.



  • Communication with Mythic Beast: As a holder of a Mythic Beast, Avery is able to communite with Ice Wolf and the others. 




  • Avery was named after a fellow reader of ShadowSpirit020's stories, NightThieft200