Azure Ladon
Azure Ladon No BG

Azure Ladon is the daughter of the Ladon
Art by Jade-the-Tiger.

Personal data
Alias Blue Scales (by Amy)
Age 17 (Really 170 in Dragon Years)
Gender Female
Species Dragon
Occupation Student of Monster High
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Fate Going to Monster High
Additional info
Place of origin Monster High Greece
Residence Monster High
Hair color Black with gold streaks
Eye color Crimson
Skin color Tan
Scale color Azure blue
Relatives Ladon (father)
Friends Amy Pousa, Magnus Haraldsson III, and Kenneth Kramps
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
My wings and tail get in the way of everything!
Azure Ladon

Azure Ladon is a 2016-introduced and all-around character. She is the daughter of the Greek Monster, the Ladon, and the best friend of fellow Greek Monster, Amy Pousa—daughter of the Empousa. Normally quiet, Azure tags along with Amy as they transfer to Monster High.



Compared to the real Ladon, Azure has only one head, azure blue scales, black and gold hair, and crimson red eyes. She wears a Greek styled dress with shoes styled after dragons.


Azure tends to keep to herself, being open only to Amy. After meeting Amy's boyfriend, Azure opens up a little more, but is still on the quiet side. Amy tends to talk for Azure, and she's fine with it!


As a dragon, Azure possesses the standard abilities of a dragon.

  • Firebreathing: Azure can breathe fire from her mouth, but hers burns a bright blue color. However, since her Firebreathing has turned up only prior to coming to Monster High, Azure's fire comes out whenever she talks, so she tends to keep her mouth shut and lets Amy do the talking.
  • Flight: With her wings, Azure is able to achieve flight.


  • Designing: Azure has a hit with designing things with Greek added in as well as Dragon designs.



Azure lives with her father, the Ladon. Her mother is unknown. Azure has close and strong bond with her father and loves him dearly.


Azure's BFF is Amy Pousa. Because of her large wings and tail are a bothersome at times, she and Amy can relate with where to watch where they walk. They both enjoy shopping—since they have to find clothing that match their special requirements—and at the same time make sarcastic jokes about shopping. Nearly every weekend, Azure having a sleepover with Amy and/or having fun together.

She is also good friends Jinafire Long, another fellow Dragon.


While she has no romance in her life yet, Azure does find Kenneth Kramps interesting.


Azure has a White Timber Wolf named Fang. Azure found Fang when the former was a pup after wandering away from Amy one day. The two bonded and have been together ever since.



  • Her birthday is on August 19th