Bailey Sterling
Personal data
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Slugslinger (beginner)
Mecha Racer
Morality Good
Living status Active
Additional info
Place of origin Western Caverns
Nationality Slugterranian
Hair color Black, red
Eye color Dark red
Skin color Pale
Love interest Eli Shane
Relatives Conner Sterling (father)
McKayla O'Rion (mother)
Lucas Sterling (brother)
William Sterling (brother)
Scott Sterling (adoptive brother/cousin)
Adam Sterling (brother)
Arianna Sterling (ancestor)
Cyrus O'Rion (ancestor)
Affiliation Shane Gang, Sterling family
Mecha Beast W-LF
Friends W-LF, Vira, Arcana, her slugs, Shane Gang
Enemies Dr. Blakk
Powers and skills
Skills Mecha Racing, novice slugslinging, mechanical intuition
Weaknesses Slugslinging, slug fights
Equipment Z-Striker Blaster
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
I want to follow my family's legacy but also, I want to create my own legacy.
Bailey Sterling

Bailey Sterling is a 15-year-old Mecha Racer from the Western Caverns born into the great Sterling family, a long line of Mecha Racers. She is the only daughter of Conner Sterling and McKayla "Kayla" O'Rion, the younger sister of Luke, William and Adam Sterling and the younger adoptive sister and cousin of Scott Sterling. Her Mecha Beast is a W-LF model, nicknamed "Wolf". She is also the love interest of Eli Shane and inspiring Slugslinger. Her ace slugs are an Arachnet slug named Arcana and an unknown type of slug named Vira.

Physical description

Bailey is very slim and slender, and physically fit, due to the training she got to be a Mecha Racer. She has long black hair with red streaks tied in a low bun-ponytail and dark red eyes. Her normal attire consists of black and dark red short-sleeve jacket over a black dark red shirt, dark gray pants tucked into a pair of dark gray/black and red boots, black fingerless gloves and padded armor on her shoulders.

In addition, she wears a white belt with Slug Tubes attached to them, though it's normally hidden by her jacket. She is always seen with Vira on her shoulder, but in public its Amethyst. When racing or out in public, she tends to wear a pair of dark shades to hide her eyes so people don't know who she is. Once joining the Shane Gang, she gains a backpack similar to Eli's for her slugs to reside in when not in a Slug Fight.


Bailey is a kind-hearted, young girl with the love Mecha Racing. Though, when she comes to something she doesn't know, she turns into another person. She has a strong bond with her Slugs but tends to keep to herself. Because her family is well known throughout Slugterra, Bailey keeps many things to herself. She is usually found out right away due to the fact that her eyes give her identity away, since her family are known for their red colored eyes.

Once she joins the Shane Gang she sticks close to them and starts to see them as family, especially Trixie and Kord. When she and the Gang meet someone new she tends to hid behind Eli due to shyness.



  • Mecha Racing: Born into a long line of Mecha Racers, Bailey is very skilled in doing many things while riding.
  • Slugslinging: Bailey is fairly new in Slugslinging but is quickly getting the hang of it.
  • Mechanical intuition: Bailey is very skilled in the mechanical section, as she is able to easily repair her Mecha Beast and/or upgrade it. While her upgrades are nowhere near Kord's experience, she is happy to always help him out.
  • Enhanced agility: Due to the amount of training she had to go through, Bailey's agility is probably greater than Eli's.


  • Z-Striker K9: The Z-Striker K9 is Bailey's personal blaster. It's styled after a wolf's head with the main color being dark red with tints of crimson. Designed by the Cave Trolls that live in her home cavern, Bailey's blaster was equipped with an eye scope to help lock and aim her slugs, despite her not actually using her slugs during her racing.
  • W-LF: Bailey's Mecha Beast is a W-LF model nicknamed "Wolf". Wolf is made for speed, but also very strong. Like other Mecha-Beasts, Wolf can transform into a flight, bike and aquatic mode. In addition, Wolf is equipped with an artificial intelligence, allowing Wolf to think and move on his own. He is also equipped with voice command that only lets Bailey let out commands.


  • Slug battles: Because she is just a beginner, Bailey is not very good in Slug Battles and can easily be overpowered someone with greater skill.
  • Slugslinging: As a beginner, Bailey lacks most of the skills needed for Slug fights.


Growing Up

Born into a long line of Mecha Racers, Bailey was designed to follow. She is the only daughter and youngest child of Ryan Sterling and McKayla O'Rion and the younger sister of Luke, William and Adam Sterling and the younger cousin, adoptive sister of Scott Sterling.

At the small age of eight, her father put her through the same training her brothers and cousin went through for Mecha Racing. By age thirteen, she was already far better than her own brothers in their training and could jump right into races.

Prior to starting her Mecha Racing Training, she found an Arachnet, who she named Arcana and became her best friend.

Meeting the Shane Gang

Two years later, after winning a race, Bailey was approached by Dr. Thaddius Blakk, who tried to recruited Bailey into his team due to her get racing skills, but was quickly saved by the Shane Gang who took her to their hideout. There, Bailey, Vira and Araña were told about Dr. Blakk and his Ghouls and both quickly joined the team, after letting Piper know.


  • Bailey was originally named, Kylie, but was changed to avoid confusion to the other versions of Kylie.
  • Bailey is left handed.
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