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Brandie is the older one. What? I'm telling the truth..
Blake Von Dark

Blake Von Dark is a 2015-introduced and all-around character and the fraternal twin brother of Brangwen "Brandie" Von Dark. He is the adoptive son of Von Rothbart of the tale Swan Lake. In the destiny conflict, he is on Rebel side.

For a while, people thought that Brangwen was the older twin because on how the two acted, but its later revealed that Blake is the older one (by six minutes) and he gave up his place as the next Von Rothbart to Brandie.



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  • Residential bad boy of EAH
  • Rebellious
    • But obeys sister all the time
  • Protective of Brandie.
  • Seems to come off intimating but really isn't,
    • Soft spot for animals, especially baby animals and kittens.
    • Treats pet kitty, Mystic, like a baby.
  • Powerful with magic
    • Doesn't mind the fact that despite his powerful magic he is a rebel
  • Acts manipulative
    • Hates making people do what he wants
  • Somewhat vain about his hair, clothes he doesn't care.
  • Has horrible fashion sense, has to alaways ask Brandie for help.


Blake is a tall and rather handsome young man standing six foot even. He has beyond-the-shoulder dark purple hair with his bangs almost covering his entire right eye and dark blue eyes with a slight, dark eye shadow of dark blue. He has a light peach skin ton, and is usually seen in the colors dark purple and gold, and black.

Interests and Hobbies


Blake loves learning new magic spells. He often reads many spell books learning new spells and once he's able to use the spell himself, will show Brandie. He enjoys using magic as a way to spend time with his lovely twin.

Blake is usually seen doing "experiments" with new magic spells in the Dark Forests away from the others. Brandie is the only one to actually know of the exact location on where Blake is working.


Blake is very athletic and enjoys playing sports. He is a member of the Bookball team.

Helping animals

Blake's guilty pleasure is helping animals of all kinds. He frequent the local animal shelter and helps out with all he can. Of course, when he first started the workers were a bit scared since he was the son of Von Rothbart and all. But over time they got over it and just saw a guy with a soft side for animals. Blake would later end up adopting a little kitty that he names Mystic.



  • Magic: Blake has the power to use magic allowing him to use magical forces/powers to varying degrees. His magic aura is a dark blue, to mirror his sister. Between him and Brandie in terms of magic, Blake is the more powerful of the two, and tends to use his magic daily.
    • Light magic: Blake excells in the useage of light magic, having studied it a lot when he was a child before the changes in his life.
    • Dark magic: Blake can use dark magic, but because he specializes with light magic, half of his spells don't even work. He ends up letting Brandie deal with the dark magic of things.
    • Spell casting: Because of his skill level, Blake is able to cast many different spells at once. He often takes time to teach Brandie new spells (even if they don't always do what she wants).
  • Potion Making: Blake is quite skilled at potion making, despite not liking to.
  • Darkness manipulation: Blake is able to manipulate darkness, but not the degree of Brandie.
  • Telekinesis: Blake is able to manipulate objects/matter with his mind. Any object or person he does control, gets a dark blue aura around it.
  • Telepathy: Blake has the power to mentally receive and/or transmit information. He normally uses this power to mentally talk to his sister. He and Brandie do this most of the time to avoid really talking to anyone. They don't even need Mirror Phones to talk to one another.


  • Multilingual: Blake is multilingual as some spell books are a different language so he is able to read them. Blake speaks mostly Russian at times.
  • Athleticism: Blake is very athletic, being part of the Bookball Team, and pretty much loves all sports.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Swan Lake

How does Blake Fit into it

With Blake on the Rebels side, Brandie takes over the role.



Adopted Parents

Blake and his twin sister, Brangwen were raised by a couple of servants of Von Rothbart, in order to take his place. He never questioned to why he and Brandie could use Magic. However, it wasn't until he got older when he was told the truth. From then, he began to hate them for lying to him all these years. And unfortunately, that's when something weird happened with his powers. Not even Brandie is able understand what happened.

Blake resents them and refuses to have any form of contact with them, similar to Brandie.

Brangwen Von Dark

Brangwen is Blake's fraternal twin sister. Blake loves Brandie to bits and is the only allowed to call her Brandie, everyone else calls her Gwen.They have a very strong and tight bond, which is so strong that Brandie is willing to take her brother's place as the Royal of the family. Blake knows all of Brandie's secrets, but keeps them to himself for the sake of her. Brandie is also Blake's closest and Best Friend Forever After.

Blake becomes the uncle of Brandie's daughter, Hecate Von Dark.

Odile, the Black Swan

Due to growing up believing that Von Rothbart was his father, Blake grew up thinking that Odile was his older sister. He never had much contact with the Black Swan, as she was busy raising her own daughter somewhere far away. After learning the truth of his family, Blake turned away from and wanted nothing to do with Odile.

Birth parents

Blake never met his true parents. He does know that his mother was a beautiful British lady, and his father, a brave Russian knight. Similar to Brandie, Blake believes that his mother is alive and will do anything to find her. Blake also knows that her mother looked for him and Brandie for a year when they were kidnapped, but never managed to find them.

Blake's dream is to one day find them and bond with them. And he would like to do before Brandie has to take the place of Von Rothbart and ends up dying. He wants his sister to meet their parents as well.

Future Family

In the future, Blake ends up adopting a little girl who he names Zalira Von Dark.


Friends is a bit of an off term for Blake. As the school's resident bad boy, he doesn't have many friends. His only friend is his sister.


Snow Claus


Blake does and doesn't get along with his roommate. With him being all dark and semi-scary, he tends to freak Snow out almost all the time. There have been times when Snow approaches him, though Blake ends up scaring him again anyway. Blake has a mutual respect to Snow when he doesn't bug him. And that's about it.

On the times he can't stand Snow is most definitely during Christmas time.

Destiny Claus

Destiny, compared to her brother, Blake cannot stand. He finds her way to cheery which drives him up the wall. He tires to stay away from the future Santa Claus, but it's hard, especially when his roommate is her twin brother!


Blake talks with the people that are part of the Swan Lake tale but nothing more is known.


Blake owns a magical female falcon named Gwyndolin. Gwyndolin enjoys being with Blake and of course his master's twin sister's pet, Bedwyr, a magical parrot.


Romance is an off topic for Blake. There really isn't no one he's interested, male or female.


Art Blake's Outfits
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Signature - Rebels

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Designed solely by his sister (because his taste in fashion sucks), Blake's clothing consists purple and gold. He also has some designs with falcons, representing his bird of choice of a falcon.

He wears a dark purple long coat over a light lavender-colored dress shirt, black pants and a pair of black biker-like shoes with chains. He also has a small black book hanging off his belt which he can make bigger with his magic.

His dark purple hair is layered in a weird yet fashionable way with some of his bangs hanging over his right eye. His hair also has dark blue streaks that match Brandie's hair color.

He has a piercing in his left ear and often changes it depending on his mood. His main earring is of an owl's feather, similar to the feather that Brandie wears in her hair, just blueish-gray.


Legacy Day

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Getting Fairest

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Mirror Beach

Blake wears a pair of swim trucks that are dark purple and gold lining.

Class Schedule

Blake's Classes Class Name
Period 1 Chemythstry
Period 2 Magicology
Period 3 Home Evilnomics
Period 4 Grimmnastics
Period 5 General Villainy
Period 6 History of Evil Spells

Other classes

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  • Crownculus
  • Science & Spells


Phff, who cares. Royal, Rebel, Roybel. It's just a saying. I don't give a damn about the titles and neither should anyone else.
– Blake Von Dark on the Royal-Rebel Conflict.
I am Blake Von Dark, son of Von Rothbart, and I DO NOT PLEDGE TO MY DESTINY!
– Blake on Legacy Day
Blake: *calls Brandie* "Brandie, I have no idea what to wear!"
Brandie: "Hold on a Spell!"
- Blake and Brandie's usual morning conversations involving what Blake wants to wear
Blake: "I have no desire to follow Rothbart's destiny. Do you?" *looks to Brandie*
Brandie: "I don't mind if that is what you are asking"
Blake: *shrugs* "Doesn't matter."
- Blake and Brandie after learning one musts take over as the next Von Rothbart.


  • Blake is Old English for "black" or blāc "pale".
  • Blake is the elder twin by 6 minutes, however because only their mother was present at birth, no one knows that.
  • Blake's colors are purple while Brandie has the blue colors.
    • Blake's magic aura is a dark blue to mirror Brandie.
  • Blake is bisexual.
  • Blake's mother was British, his father, Russian.
    • Blake was born in Russia.
    • Blake can speak Russian, English, Spanish and French
    • He has a heavy Russian accent that makes some things hard to understand.
    • He and Brandie tend to talk to each other in Russian.
  • His birthday is on September 28, making him a Libra.
  • Where Brandie excels in controlling her darkness powers, Blake excels in magic.
  • Blake has a horrible fashion sense, which results in Brandie both picking and designing his clothing.
  • Blake does experiments with new spells on an old toy his adoptive parents gave him.
    • He has no use for the toy since his adoptive parents lied to him and Brandie for years.
  • While Brandie's signature bird is the owl, Blake's signature bird is a falcon, especially the Peregrine falcon.