Personal data
Species Flareon
Type Fire
Ability Flash Fire
Morality Good

Blaze (ブレイズ Bureizu) is Avery's first and main Pokémon and always remains outside of her Pokéball and rides on Aeryn's shoulders. Blaze originally hailed from the Kanto region in a tribe of Eevee, but was singled out because she was a shiny and much smaller, so she left. While traveling through Sinnoh, Blaze came across a Fire Stone, which she used to evolve into a Flareon. Once reaching the Kalos region, Blaze saved Aeryn from some bullies and thus becoming her first Pokémon.


When Blaze first came to Kalos, she was very distant thus, kept to herself. After being taken in by Aeryn, Blaze's distant personality changed to a fiery one. Blaze thinks things through before jumping into battle. She is very cautious about trainers that interact with Aeryn, usually leading to Aeryn to calm her down. She hates seeing Trainers abusing their Pokémon and really hates those who only care for power. If she doesn't like what a trainer is doing to their Pokémon, she will blast them with Flamethrower. Blaze is extremely loyal to Aeryn and will defend her with her life. She doesn't take threats to Aeryn nicely especially after an accident that caused her to be in the hospital for a while. Blaze obeys no one but Aeryn and will obey only those that Aeryn is close too. Though she dislikes being her Pokéball, Blaze will return to it when Aeryn wants she to. Despite her fearsome personality, Blaze is friendly to all Pokémon she deems nonthreatening to Aeryn.


Since Blaze is a Flareon, Blaze is capable of using attacks that Eevees do. During her travels, Blaze developed high battle skills having learned them from the Pokémon that would try to catch her. As a fully evolved Pokemon, Blaze has learned Hyper Beam. Her favorite tactic is sending her opponent into the air by Flamethrower, and then using Iron Tail to knock them back down to the ground. Despite her weakness against Rock, Ground and Water-Types, Blaze can always find a way to win. 


  • Protect
  • Quick Attack
  • Double Team
  • Tackle
  • Shadow Ball
  • Energy Ball
  • Dig
  • Attract
  • Lava Plume
  • Hyper Beam
  • Flamethrower
  • Flame Wheel
  • Sunny Day
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Flare Blitz
  • Fire Fang
  • Overheat
  • Fire Blast
  • Fire Spin
  • Heat Wave
  • Iron Tail

Combination Moves

  • Fire Ball: Blaze uses Shadow Ball and then right away fires either Flamethrower or Fire Spin
  • Shadow Wheel: Blaze fires numerous Shadow Balls and then right away uses Flame Wheel.

Improved moves

  • Counter Shield: Blaze will spin around while using one of her Fire-Type moves to counter an attack while also doing damage.


Blaze was born in a tribe of Eevee in the Kanto region, but she was cast aside because she was a shiny and much smaller. Upset, Blaze left her tribe and decided to find her fate. While traveling through the regions, she would gain new attacks and used them against trainers that would try to capture her. Sometime when in Sinnoh, Blaze came across a Fire Stone which she used to evolve to a Flareon.

After sneaking onto a plane that was heading to Kalos, Blaze arrived to Lumiose City. There, Blaze came across a young girl - Aeryn - who was being teased because she was the only one in her class to not have a Pokémon. After saving her, Aeryn invited Blaze to her home. Not having anyplace to go, Blaze accepted and thus becoming Aeryn first Pokémon. After the death of Arianna, Blaze went with Aeryn as she moved to her uncle's place.

Shortly after leaving Lumiose City, Blaze discovered a very sick Fletchling. Blaze led Aeryn to it who later helped it. After leaving the Fletchling, both Blaze and Aeryn were clueless to the fact that the Fletchling was following them. After discovering the Normal-Flying-Type Pokémon was following them, Blaze battled it and helped Aeryn catch it as her first caught Pokémon.


  • Her name is a reference to her Fire species.
  • Blaze is much smaller than the average Flareon and because of her size, she is able to ride on Aeryn's shoulders.

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