Bruncher the Kangaroo
Bruncher the Kangaroo

Bruncher is one of Sparklie's best friends.
Art by Icyi

Personal data
Alias The Swift of Fist (formerly)
Age 18
Gender Male
Species Mobian kangaroo
Occupation Power member of Team Jungle
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Icyi
I will stick by my friends towards the end…
Bruncher the Kangaroo

Bruncher the Kangaroo (ブルンチャー・ザ ・カンガーウー Burunchaa za Kangaawu) is an 18 year old anthropomorphic male Mobian red kangaroo. He is the oldest child and son to Puncho and Bright and the older brother to Leapera. He is the power member and co-leader of Team Jungle.

Physical description

Bruncher is a brown kangaroo with dark patches on his elbows, knees, around the eyes and tip of tail. He has a light yellow muzzle and tummy and brown hair with dark brown at tips.


Serious, nice, caring (towards kids), brave, bold, bashful, overprotected towards those who's younger than him, cold towards strangers but after awhile he treats anyone like a friend or family and very smart



  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced jumping: As a kangaroo, Bruncher's jumping skills is much greater than a normal Mobian.


  • High intelligence
  • Good with kids
  • Boxing skills


  • Pretty girls
  • Little kids



  • Bruncher's main rival was Swift the Kangaroo, the fastest in Bruncher's village.
  • Bruncher didn't develop arm muscles until at age 16.
  • Bruncher is self-conscious about his hands, which is why he always wears boxing gloves.
  • The reason why he likes children is because they reminded him of his little sister.
  • He still has nightmares about his mother's death.
  • Voice sounds like young man with a bit gentleness in it.
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