Basic Information
Colors ZlatkoColor.png Gold
OnyxColor.png Onyx
LapisColor.png Lapis Blue
GarnetColor.png Garnet
Leader Cleo Zlatko
Members Cleo Zlatko
Seth Blaine
Lyla Lapis
Garnet Tyler
Status Active

CBLT (pronounced "Cobalt") is a team of first year students from Beacon Academy consisting of Cleo Zlatko, Seth Blaine, Lyla Lapis and Garnet Tyler.


Cleo Zlatko is the leader of Team CBLT. She wields a longsword called Phoenix Soul.
Seth Blaine is a member of Team CBLT. He wields a High Power Sniper Glaive called Soul Anchor.
Lyla Lapis is a member of Team CBLT. Her weapon of choice are a pair of Dual Ranged Clawed Gauntlets called Wolf's Fangs.
Garnet Tyler is a member of Team CBLT. He wields a Dust-Empowered Collapsible Saber called Northblade.

Supporting Members

Tanis Blaine is a Huntress and the mother of Seth Blaine. She wields a sniper.
Cameron Zlatko is the uncle and adoptive father of Cleo Zlatko, the former leader of Team CYAN and now a teacher at Beacon Academy. He wields a falchion called Dragon's Claw.
Ebony Zlatko is the aunt and adoptive mother of Cleo Zlatko. She is also a teacher at Beacon Academy. She wields a bladed staff.
Nathan North is a former member of Team CYAN. He wields a pair of collapsible sabers called North and South.
Yvonne Princeton is a former member of Team CYAN. She wields a pair of fans.


Team Attacks

Coming Soon


  • Team CBLT was originally called AZRE, but was changed since both Cleo and her mother and uncle all had the same first letter of their names.
  • Originally Cleo was going to be the only character but that was changed.
  • By the time RWBY comes to Beacon, CBLT is in their third year.
RWBY characters

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