Basic Information
Colors ZlatkoColor Gold
OnyxColor Onyx
LapisColor Lapis
GarnetColor Garnet
Group Type Team
Leader Cleo Zlatko
Members Cleo Zlatko
Seth Blaine
Lyla Lapis
Garnet Tyler
Status Active

CBLT (pronounced "Cobalt") is a team of first year students from Beacon Academy consisting of Cleo Zlatko, Seth Blaine, Lyla Lapis and Garnet Tyler.

Cleo was originally unsure on working with the others, due to her past with her famous Huntress mother, but soon was able to work together and become very close with the other members of her team.


Cleo Oralie is the leader of Team CBLT. She wields a long sword called Chrysós Drákos.
Seth Blaine is a member of Team CBLT. He wields a sniper rifle-glaive called Soul Anchor.
Lyla Lapis is a member of Team CBLT. She wields a pair of clawed gauntlets called Wolf's Fangs.
Garnet Tyler is a member of Team CBLT. He wields a Dust empowered collapsible called Northblade.


  • Team CBLT was originally called AZRE, but was changed since both Cleo and her mother and uncle all had the same first letter of their names.
  • Originally Cleo was going to be the only character but that was changed.
  • By the time RWBY comes to Beacon, CBLT is in their third year.


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