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Basic Information
Colors ZlatkoColor Gold
OrangeColor Orange
NorthTexasGreenColor North Texas Green
ZlatkoColor Gold
Leader Cameron Zlatko
Members Cameron Zlatko
Yvonne Princeton
Alyson Zlatko(missing)
Nathan North
Status Inactive

CYAN was the name of a team comprised of Cameron Zlatko, Yvonne Princeton, Alyson Zlatko and Nathan North. They are now inactive. Cameron, Yvonne and Nathan do missions every once in a while but also act as mentors to Team CBLT, Cameron's niece Cleo Zlatko's team.


Cameron Zlatko was the leader of Team CYAN. He wields a falchion called Dragon's Claw. He is now a teacher at Beacon Academy.
Yvonne Princeton was a member a Team CYAN. She wields a pair of fans.
Alyson Zlatko was a member of Team CYAN. She wields a Chinese Jian called Dragon's Heart.
Nathan North was a member Team CYAN. He wields a pair of sabers called North and South.


CYAN was formed by first years, Cameron and Alyson Zlatko, Yvonne Princeton and Nathan North. They were together all the way to their graduation at Beacon Academy and continued afterwards. They continue to work on missions even th ough Alyson is mission and their team is no longer together. Nathan and Yvonne also helped Cameron out in raising Cleo since Alyson failed the parenting part and pretty much abandoned Cleo. 


  • Originally, only Alyson was going to be a team.
  • Originally there was only going to be 3 team members.
  • CYAN starts with the first letter of each team member's name.
  • CYAN and CBLT both start with the letter "C" and are both led by a Zlatko family member.
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