Calor the Tiger
Calor the Tiger

Calor is a tiger with powers of fire and the mother of Sparklie
Art by Icyi

Personal data
Age 35
Gender Female
Species Mobian tiger
Occupation Leader of Element Village
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Date of birth August 19
Place of origin Element Village
Residence Mobius
Hair color Red-orange, scarlet red bangs
Eye color Gold
Skin color Amber
Fur color Red orange, black,
Height 3'2"
Husband Winter (deceased)
Father Unnamed (most likely deceased)
Mother Unnamed (most likely deceased)
Sons Blizzard
Daughters Sparklie
Grandchildren Thunder and Electrica
Affiliation Element Village, Team Sonic, Team Jungle
Friends Team Jungle
Powers and skills
Ability Speed
Powers Fire manipulation, enhanced speed
Skills Dance, has a good balance and can cook
Weaknesses Water, Winter's singing and her children
Production notes
Created by Icyi
Appearances Meeting Team Jungle
Remember, if you get tired of this journey, you can always come back home... I love you my child.
Calor the Tiger

Calor the Tiger (カラー ・ザ ・タイガー Karaa za Taigaa) is a 35 year old anthropomorphic female Mobian tiger and chief of Element Village. She is the wife to the late Winter, daughter-in-law to Forest and Kori, great-niece-in-law to Ame and the mother of Blizzard and Sparklie. She is also the grandmother to Electrica and Thunder the Hedge-Tigers.

Physical description

Calor is a tall slim middle aged tigress with red-orange fur with black stripes, a black fire bolt symbol on her forehead, the tip of her tail being black and flame like, with amber muzzle, and stomach, and long red-orange hair with scarlet bangs. She wears a red dress with golden bracelets and anklets and dark red heels.


Calor is kind, bold, smart, hopeful, caring and will stand up to anyone for her family. She is also quick-tempered and wise. She cares very much for her children and her children's friends.



As a member of the Tiger Clan, Calor inherited the power the elemental manipulation; in her case she inherited fire which allows her to control all forms of fire.


  • Calor is Spanish for "heat".
Preceded by
Winter the Tiger
Chief of Element Village Succeeded by
Unknown, to be determined
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