Casey Mitchell is a 13-year-old American girl living in Paris, France with her guardian Adeline Chevalier. A few days after moving to Paris from North Dakota, Casey found the a necklace waiting for her, thinking Adeline gave it to her, only to realize it was the Wolf Miraculous and contained the kwami Amarok. With the Wolf Miraculous, when inhabited by Amarok, Casey becomes the superheroine Wolfang, gaining the power of the Moon and the Wolf.

Physical description

Casey is an American girl with stunning dark red hair and blue eyes that stand out against her pale complexion. Her normal, civilian, attire consists of a blue and white zipper hoodie over a black shirt, blue jeans, and brown calf-length boots with a buckle on them. She wears the Wolf Miraculous around her neck on a black cord, but often keeps it tucked under her shirt.

As Wolfang, Casey wears a dark grey bodysuit with a skirt and lighter grey highlights on her legs arms and side of her body; a pair of wolf claw like gloves similar to Chat Noir's and dark grey boots. She also wears a headband with two wolf ears and a dark gray mask over eyes, which change to be wolf-like and a bit darker. Her hair near her hair gets a little wilder, covering up her human ears. Wolf Sword is strapped to her waist when not in use.


Before she was adopted by Adeline, Casey kept to herself, which was a result of her being abandoned by her birth parents. She had very little confidence in herself and was always but down by her foster parents. She kept to herself never really speaking, which caused many to think she was mute. She spoke only when spoken to and to get away from everyone, hid in her room playing video games.

Once she was

Casey tends to keep to herself speaking only when asked or speaking with Amarok when alone. She always would have trouble making friends due to the fact she was smarter than her classmates and they didn't like her. Casey didn't like getting anyone mad since back home, anything she said would make her foster parents mad. However, Casey won't let her classmates get bullied, even if means getting the bully mad.

After befriending Adrien, Nino, Alya and Marinette, Casey becomes a bit more open.

As Wolfang, Casey is more open and loves teasing her opponent, even if it's lousy cat puns against Chat Noir, who she enjoys hanging out with despite that their native animal (cat and dog) don't really get along.



  • Lunar Eclipse: Wolfang's special power is the ability to draw the power from the moon. Unfortunately because of that, Wolfang's special power is only good during the nighttime when the moon is out. But, when she does activate her special power, Wolfang gets a huge power increase. After using this power,, Wolfang has only five minutes before her transformation wears off.
  • 'Moonlight Crescent:' The Lunar Blade is also able to unleash a blade made out of energy and still use it as a sword. Casey is able to switch out the normal blade and the energy blade.
  • Night vision: As Wolfang, Casey is also able to see in the dark. When she sees in the dark, her eyes let out a little glow.
  • Enhanced senses: When transformed, Casey's senses improve. She is able to hear much better than normally. While her sense of hearing is not as good as Chat Noir's, it's still pretty good. Casey's sense of small also improves, to the point she can sniff out someone if they are hiding.
  • Enhanced condition, agility, speed, strength and dexterity


  • Video gaming: Having spend most of her time alone, even back in America, Casey would play video games to occupy her time. While she enjoys adventuring games, she does enjoy fighting games.
  • Swordsmanship: Casey attends the same fencing lessons Adrien Agreste does so she is quite skilled in swordsmanship. She is also able to use her sword in reverse grip.
  • Ambidexterity: Casey is ambidextrous, but prefers to use her left hand most of the time. Because of this, she is able to wield the Lunar Blade in either hand.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Since becoming Wolfang, Casey has become well skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and is able to go up against Chat Noir when he is under the control of the Akumatized Victim.
  • Multilingualism: Casey is able to speak both English and French.
  • Enhanced athleticism


  • Wolf Miraculous: The Wolf Miraculous takes the form of a necklace with a black wolf's head howling with a circular white gem behind acting as a moon. When Amarok enters, the colors are inverted and four full moons appear on the moon part while the last full moon appears on the white wolf head, indicating the countdown of the time remaining on her transformation.
  • Lunar Blade: Wolfang's signature weapon is the Lunar Blade, a long collapsible sword. When not in use, the "blade" shrinks down and the only visible part is the hilt, which is shaped like a wolf's head and two glowing blue eyes. When in collapse mode, the hilt acts like a phone, and spyglass, much like Cat Noir's staff.


Adeline Chevalier

Adeline is Casey's guardian. Adeline is about nine years older than Casey, not enough to call her her mother. Casey is very grateful for Adeline adopting her and getting her out of the system, though she was surprised that she did. Casey was the oldest in the house and no one wanted to take her. Casey thought she would have to stay and just age out. Casey and Adeline have a strong sister bond since she was adopted at age 11. Casey was shocked when Adeline revealed that she was in fact from France, but Casey liked the new change. They lived in North Dakota for a year and a half before moving to France due to Adeline's mother passing away and she inheriting the house.

Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir

Adrien is Casey's best human friend. While Casey does have a slight family issue due to being abandoned, but nothing compared to Adrien. They also have the same fencing class. Casey doesn't always agree what his father wants


Amarok is Casey's best friend and Kwami. Casey and Amarok first met right after she and Adeline moved to France after the passing of Adeline's mother. The bond they have is unquestionably close ech trusting each other, despite being friends for only about a year and half. Casey goes to Amarok for advice and often listens to what he might have to say about something. Amarok hides in Casey's jacket when she is out in public.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Casey gets along great with Marinette, both are somewhat shy, and both despise Chloé. She enjoys helping Marinette's parents at their bakery and gets some cooking lessons from Sabine from time to time. Casey enjoys watching Marinette designing. She even helps Marinette by modeling the clothing for her from time to time.

Sam Bourgeois

Casey very much dislikes Sam. She finds his constantly flirting really annoying and hates it when he tries to flirt with her.

Chloé Bourgeois

Casey finds Chloé very annoying, bratty and snotty. She doesn't like it when Chloé even brags, having come from a background where Casey literally had to work to get what she wanted, she doesn't enjoy even being near Chloé.

Hawk Moth

While Hawk Moth hasn't done anything to Casey directly, she knows he is a threat having seen the first attack.



Being adopted

Meeting Amarok


  • Wolfang is the Japanese name of Bakugan Character Lumagrowl.
    • Wolfang was not named after the said character.
  • The increasing her of speed, agility and strength, comes from the real timber wolf.
  • Mitchell is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Mitchell is: Gift from God.
  • The handle of the Lunar Blade was inspired by Power Rangers SPD Shadow Ranger's sword.
  • Moonlight Crescent is based off Star Wars Light Sabers.
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