Casey Mitchell
Personal data
Alias Wolf
Age 13
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student
Study abroad student
Morality Good
Living status Active
Additional info
Place of origin North Dakota, America
Residence Paris, France
Ethnicity American
Nationality American-French
Hair color Dark red
Eye color Blue
Skin color Light tan
Relatives Unnamed parents
Unnamed maternal grandmother
Friends Amarok, Adeline Chevalier (host), Adrien Agreste, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Nino, Ladybug, Chat Noir
Enemies Hawk Moth
Powers and skills
Powers Super speed, night vision
Equipment Wolf Miraculous
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Miraculous: Fangs Out!

This page is comprised of Casey Mitchell/Wolf's relationships with various other characters she interacts with.



Unnamed parents: Casey doesn't get along with her parents as they were usually fighting over everything. The last thing she heard of them was that it was her fault. After that, Casey just left the house and went to a friend's house as the next day she would be going to France (where she hoped she could stay permanently).


During the times that her parents were fighting, her mother's mother would come and take Casey away. With her grandmother, that was when Casey learned that she was much smarter than normal kids her age. Sadly her grandmother eventually passed away due to age and so Casey had to continue living with her parents.


Adeline Chevalier

Adeline is Casey's host, the person who is taking care of her while she is in France. Adeline knew Casey's old school's principle and was a good friend of theirs. It was thanks to the principle and Adeline that Casey was able to leave her abusive home. Casey sees Adeline as a second mother more so than a host.

Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir

Casey sees Adrien as one of her best human friends. They both have family issues and both take the same fencing class. Casey doesn't always agree what his father wants him to do, but somewhat understands him.


Amarok is Casey's best friend and her only friend prior to coming to France. Despite in the past that once he found his bearer, he would tell who he was, Casey was different. Casey goes to Amarok for advice and often listens to what he might have to say about something. Amarok hides in Casey's jacket when she is out in public.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Casey gets along great with Marinette, both are somewhat shy, and both despise Chloé. She enjoys helping Marinette's parents at their bakery and gets some cooking lessons from Sabine from time to time. Casey enjoys watching Marinette designing. She even helps Marinette by modeling the clothing for her from time to time.


Chloe Bourgeois

Casey finds Chloe very annoying, bratty and snotty. She doesn't like it when Chloe even brags, having come from a background where Casey literally had to work to get what she wanted, she doesn't enjoy even being near Chloe.

Hawk Moth

While Hawk Moth hasn't done anything to Casey directly, she knows he is a threat having seen the first attack.

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