Catherine Kane
Personal data
Alias General Kane
Age 44 (at death)
Gender Female
Species Gray wolf
Occupation General of the Arctos Military (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Deceased
Fate Killed in battle
Additional info
Place of origin Arctos
Ethnicity Arctosian
Hair color Black
Eye color Amber
Relatives Winter Kane (daughter)
Affiliation Arctos Military
Enemies Enemies to Arctos
Powers and skills
Powers Wind manipulation, windstorm generation, telekinesis
Skills Hand-to-hand combat, aerokinetic combat, swordsmanship,
Equipment Wind constructs (formerly)
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Mom was the best known general Arctos had even seen. Everyone knew her for her fighting prowess.
Winter Kane about Catherine Kane

General Catherine Kane is the late mother of Winter and the former General of the Arctosian army.

Physical description

Catherine was an anthropomorphic gray wolf with light gray fur. She was tall in woman standards, with long black hair tied back in a ponytail, but her bangs long enough to cover her amber eyes. She was last seen wearing the Arctos army uniform consisting of a black armored body suit with a red cape.


Catherine's full personality is unknown, but from people told Winter, she was a loving mother, a caring friend, and wise leader Aaron's full personality is unknown, but he was a loving and caring father and husband. He was very loyal to his people and would do anything to protect his home.


As an Arctosian, Catherine was born with the power to manipulate wind. Catherine was well known throughout the army for her prowess.


  • Wind manipulation: Catherine was able to create, control, conduct and absorb lightning and electrical energy to accomplish various effects.
    • Wind generation: Catherine was able to release wind in the form beams, bolts, bombs, waves, balls and blasts.
    • Aerokinetic constructs: Catherine was able to mold and shape wind into tools or objects such as appendages, armor, barriers, restraints and weapons.
    • Windstorm manipulation: Catherine was able to use her wind powers to control various wind related weather phenomena.
    • Electrical resistance: Catherine was able to use the air to insulate electricity.
    • Telekinesis: Catherine was able to move the air around objects and levitate them.
    • Cyclone spinning: Catherine was able to use wind to spin like a tornado.
    • Sound absorption: Catherine was able to nullify sound waves by keeping air molecules still.
    • Aerokinetic flight: Catherine was able to use her powers to enable her for flight.
  • Enhanced speed, agility and strength
  • Enhanced hearing: Catherine had a keen sense of hearing.
  • Enhanced sense of smell: As a canine, Catherine had a strong sense of smell.


  • Peak physical condition: As a result from her military training, Catherine was exercised her physical form to its peak condition.
  • Weapons proficiency: During her military training, Catherine developed an extensive knowledge of various weapons and their uses during her time in the army.
  • Natural leadership skills: Catherine possessed natural leadership skill, a qualities that earned her a swift promotion in the Arctos military.
  • Piloting: As a part of her training, Catherine was required to learn how to piloting a ship.
  • Stealth and infiltration: Catherine was skilled stealth and infiltration tactics, able to sneak by enemy lines and infiltrate highly guarded strongholds without being detected.
  • Tactical planning: Catherine was an intellectual planner in military operations and tactics and often coordinated practice run sparring matches as well as real military operations.
  • Expert combat training: During her time in the military, Catherine became skilled in hand-to-hand and close quarters combat, also able to integrate her wind into her fighting style. She later trained Winter in combat training and also helping her use her powers over psychic energy.
    • Aerokinetic combat: Catherine was able to fuse physical combat with her wind powers to execute deadly physical and ranged attacks.
  • Swordsmanship: Catherine was a master swordsman and a skilled duelist with her wind-constructed sword she would make.
  • Marksmanship: Catherine had a perfect shot when using her wind in forms of attacks.


  • Wind constructs (formerly)


  • Original Names: Raven, Aria
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