The Chaos Staff, also called the Staff of Cleopatra, is one of Cleopatra the Jackal's scared relics, the other being her gauntlets. It is a powerful staff originally wielded by Cleopatra and could only be controlled by her users of white fire.



It is unknown when the Staff was actually made, but it first appeared when the Chaos Bow first appeared before Voltage the Tiger and later infused with Cleopatra's powers of Electrokinesis/Lightning. Only a descendant of Cleopatra can control the staff.

According to the legends, it is said that it is possible that the Staff was embedded with the power of the Chaos Emeralds allowing the user to Teleport. Eventually, the staff was passed down through the Cleopatra bloodline and soon came into the hands of Seth. However, when Seth was born, the staff did not see him as the new owner, despite him being a descendant. Until the true owner was recognized, Seth held onto the staff, using it as a melee weapon.

The Story of Seth and Lilac

The Staff has a minor appearance. It first appears at the start, where Seth is looking at it, and then at the end. Seth is watching the crystal flash shortly after Zarina's birth...

Tiger's Treasure

The Staff appears shortly after it is revealed that Seth is Zarina's real father and when her Lightning powers finally manifested.

Sonic Adventure: Trust Your Heart

Sonic Adventure 2: Heroes or Villains?

Sonic Heroes

When Zarina first meet Shadow, the Staff reacted which gave Shadow a headache but also show Zarina his past...

Sonic Unleashed: Rise of Gaia

Saving Camelot

The Staff does not appear, but is mentioned several times by Zarina, since it is not with her when she goes to Camelot.

Sonic Boom

The Chaos Staff appears in Sonic Boom, having been given to Zarina the Tiger by her father. 


  • Black Lightning manipulation: The staff is able to unleash black bolts of lighting from the crystal and hits anyone that is close by. While it is not enough to harm anyone, it is mainly used to shock them.
  • Memory manipulation: The Staff is able control memories. While it is not a main power, the staff can be used to recover ones lost memories. (SPOILERS: This is first seen in Sonic Heroes when the Staff reacts to Shadow causing the black and red hedgehog to get a raging headache)
  • Chaos Control: The Staff is able to use Chaos Control to teleport. However, this power as been inactive for many years.


  • The Chaos Staff is styled after the Staff of the Void from Dragon Age: Inquisition.