Chloe Digimon

Chloe is the holder of the Spirits of Lightning and the love interest of Takuya Kanbara

Personal data
Alias Chloe
Gender Female
Occupation DigiDestin
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Ethnicity Japanese
Nationality Japanese
Hair color Pale blonde
Eye color Violet
Skin color Slightly tan
Love interest Takuya Kanbara
Affiliation DigiDestin
Friends Takuya, Koji, Zoey, JP, Tommy, Bokomon, Neemon, Gatomon
Powers and skills
Skills Agility, parkour
Equipment Goggles
Production notes
Created by Nova Lioness
Chloe is the holder of the Spirits of Lightning and the love interest of Takuya Kanbara.

Physical Description

Chloe is a girl of average height and weight with short shaggy platinum blonde hair with pale gold eyes.


While growing up in the Digital World, Chloe learned to defend for herself and no one else. But there was one Digimon that she was very close with: Gatomon. Chloe only shows her "soft" side to Gatomon, when she's near others, it’s harsh.

Digimon Forms

Chloe wields AncientTeinmon's power of Lightning.


Teinmon is the form that Chloe takes when she uses the Human Spirit of Lightning. Teinmon takes the form of a female digimon warrior with great speed and stealth.


  • Lightning Sword: Teinmon creates a double-bladed sword of lightning and slices through her opponents.
  • Electro Swarm:
  • Blitz Tundra: Teinmon lets loose a storm of lighning that can freeze the opponents.


Vetonmon is the form that Chloe takes when she uses the Beast Spirit of Lightning. Vetonmon takes the form of a humanoid-dragon warrior digimon that has great strength, flight, speed and carries the sword of Laevatein.


  • Lighting Blast: Vetonmon unleashes whitish-blue lightning as fire at her opponents.
  • Cross Spear: Vetonmon makes a cross with Laevatein and the lightning blasts at her opponents.
  • Electro Storm: Vetonmon surrounds herself in a fiery aura which she then releases like a tornado


Pazimamon is the combined form of both of Chloe’s spirits. Pazimamon takes the form of dragon-warrior digimon and yields the swords of Yin-Yang.


  • Lightning Storm: Pazimamon unleashes a powerful storm of lightning
  • Yin-Yang Cross: Pazimamon attacks with her Yin-Yang Sword
  • Black Lightning: Pazimamon's lightning turns black


  • Tein-Mu is Chinese for lightning
  • Veton is Albanian for lightning
  • Pazima is Zulu for thunder and lightning