Other Characters

The following is a list of the other characters in Caught Between Two Worlds, arranged alphabetically by Species and family.


Freeman family

Chase Freeman

Chase Freeman is a friend of Alexis Rhodes and Taylor Montgomery and is a junior as well. He has a crush on Lisa Morgan but is too shy to admit it.

Jackson family

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is the father of Erik and Lisa's step-father. Despite his ex-having an affair when he was married to her, he still loves Lisa never the less. He even let Lisa take on his last name.

Erik and Lisa's mother

Erik and Lisa's mother is Erik and Lisa's mother and Andrew's ex-wife. She was known as a party animal and slut, she had an affair with Lisa's father causing Lisa to be born.

Erik Jackson

Erik Jackson is a junior and friends of Alexis and Taylor. He is the maternal half-brother of Lisa Jackson, the two of them sharing the same mother.

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson is Alexis' best friend and Erik's maternal half-sister. She likes Chase, but like him is too shy to reveal it. Only Jesse knows of her crush.

Montgomery family

Colette "Cole" Montgomery

Colette "Cole" Montgomery is the paternal aunt of Daylan and Taylor Montgomery, the younger sister of their father. When Daylan turned eighteen, Cole gave legal ship over Taylor to him, as Daylan always expressed in taking over, but made sure the two siblings still had a place to live. With Daylan over in Africa, Taylor continues to live with her.

Unknown to her niece and nephew, Cole is known in the werewolf community as one of their local doctors (she works a veterinarian in town). She accidentally learned about the werewolves when she helped the Alpha of the Storm Cliff Pack when he was injured in his wolf form during a rouge attack.

Daylan Montgomery

Daylan (pronounced as Dylan) Montgomery is the older brother of Taylor Montgomery. He is also the guardian of Taylor, much like with Blake and Kylie Reynolds. He is a graduate from the University of Washington and is currently away in Africa helping the less unfortunate. While he is away, Taylor is living with their aunt, Colette

  • Out of the two brothers, Daylan is the only one that will appear in Caught Between Two Worlds

Rhodes family

Alexis Rhodes

Alexis Rhodes is a junior attending Forks High School and is friends with Taylor Montgomery, Erik Jackson, Lisa Morgan and Chase Freeman. She has an older brother - Atticus - who is in college.

Atticus Rhodes

Atticus Rhodes is Alexis Rhodes' elder brother, by three years, and in his second year of college.

Rosewood family

Harrington Rosewood

Harrington Rosewood is a senior at Forks High School and a major player. When Kylie first shows up he is seen trying to flirt with her which almost causes her to have a panic attack.

Reid family

Cain Reid

Calin Reid is the father of Kai Reid and a Vampire/Werewolf Hunter. He is sad that his son doesn't want to follow him, but knows Kai will do something great in the future.

Callie Reid

Callie Reid is the mother of Kai and wife of Calin. She doesn't like her husband hunting vampires and/or werewolves, but knows that it is for the good for the world.


Anderson family

Christian Anderson

Christian Anderson is the former male Beta of the Yuki Forest Pack, mate of the late Raelyn Anderson and the father of Jesse. Christian was raised alongside Arata Yuki and was his best friend. When Arata became Alpha, Christian was appointed as his Beta.

He eventually met his mate, Raelyn, who was visiting from a pack in South America. They got to know each other by becoming a couple like the humans do and eventually mated, conceiving Jesse, and then marrying. Christian was present when Raelyn was killed in a fight against vampires that had attacked the Yuki Forest Pack.

Christian eventually stepped down as Beta the same time Arata stepped down as Alpha and their sons took their place.

Jesse Anderson

Jesse Anderson is the son of the Betas of the Yuki Forest Pack, Jaden's best friend, and the son of former Betas Christian and Raelyn Anderson. He currently attends Forks High School and is a junior. He normally hangs with those from his pack but does stray and meet his own friends, his human mate Taylor Montgomery.

Raelyn Anderson

Raelyn Anderson is the late mother of Jesse and wife of Christian Anderson. Raelyn was originally from South America and was a part of a pack from Chile, before moving to Forks, when she met Christian. They got to know each other by becoming a couple like the humans do and eventually mated, conceiving Jesse, and then marrying.

Sadly, Raelyn's life ended when rouge Vampires attacked the pack.

Cairo family

Gwendolyn Cairo

Gwendolyn Cairo is the ancestor of Amun and Raven and founder of the North Cairo Pack.

Amun Cairo

Amun Cairo is the father of Raven Cairo and former Alpha of the North Cairo Pack. He typically doesn't like humans, finding them weak. He is unaware of Tyler's father being human and his mother being the werewolf of the family.


Caught Between Two Worlds

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