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Chrystal Rey
Personal data
Nicknames Loser Girl
Silent Girl (by Devon Michaels)
Mystery Girl (by Reina Taylor)
Age 16, almost 17
Gender Female
Deck Dragon
Occupation Student of Legend Academy
Student of Neos Academy (formerly)
Wielder of Mythic Beast Cerberus
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Legend City
Hair color Blonde-whitish
Eye color Dark gray
Skin color Pale
Love interest Mitchell Jordan
Relatives Brooklyn Rey (mother; deceased)
Ashley Rey (half-sister)
Unnamed father
Partner Darkness Cerberus
Powers and skills
Powers Duel Spirit communication, Mythic Beast sense
Skills Dueling proficiency
Weaknesses Keeps to self
Duel Disk Black body and black blade (circular)
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
I don't have a reason to speak. I speak when needed.
Chrystal Rey


Born in Legend City, Chrystal is the second and youngest daughter of Brooklyn Rey, a Professor in the study of Ancient Ruins, and the younger half sister of Ashley Rey, a Professor in the study of Dueling History. 

Chrystal was raised mostly by her sister due to her mother passing away for unknown reasons a few months after she was born. Thanks to Seth Kaiba, the heir to KaibaCorp, Ashley was able to get the help she would need in raising her sister, while still being able to attend school

At some point in time, Chrystal attended Neos Academy in Neos City. She later transferred over to Legend Academy in her second year.

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