Cleo Zlatko
Zlatko Emblem
Personal data
Title "Gold"
Age 16
19 (when RWBY comes to Beacon)
Gender Female
Emblem Zlatko Emblem
Species Human
Occupation Leader of Team CBLT
Beacon Academy Student
Signal Academy Student (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Vale
Hair color Dark reddish-brown
Eye color Dark gray
Skin color Tan
Love interest Garnet Tyler
Relatives Alyson Zlatko (mother)
Cameron Zlatko (uncle)
Ebony Zlatko (aunt)
Partner Garnet Tyler
Friends Seth Blaine, Lyla Lapis, Garnet Tyler
Powers and skills
Semblance Burning Light
Weapon Phoenix Soul
Powers Aura, light manipulation, fire manipulation
Skills Swordsmanship, advanced combat
Weaknesses Pure darkness, water
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances The Start of CBLT
She was never a mother to me. She was just a person who carried me and gave birth to me. Uncle Cameron and Aunt Ebony are my real parents
Cleo Zlatko

This page is comprised of Cleo Zlatko's relationships with various other characters she interacts with.


Beacon Academy

Cleo is a first year student at Beacon Academy.


Cleo is the leader of Team CBLT.

Signal Academy

Cleo is a graduate from Signal Academy.

Zlatko family

Cleo is a member of the Zlatko family, though she doesn't like to announce it as her family is well known through out the Renmant.


Alyson Zlatko

Cleo has a very strained relationship with her mother, as a famous Huntress, Alyson was almost always out of the house making Cameron to have to watch Cleo. Cleo didn't even know who her mother, all she knew was that Alyson was a famous Huntress, which sadly, put a lot of pressure on her because people expect her to follow in her mother's footsteps - which Cleo doesn't want to do.

Cameron Zlatko

Compared with her mother, Cleo has a much better relationship and bond with her uncle. Cleo has a more father-daughter bond with Cameron more son than an uncle-niece, especially since Cameron pretty much raised Cleo since she was born.

When Cleo turned thirteen, Cameron gave Cleo the last of the Zlatko family weapons, Phoenix Soul, and began to train her before she went off to Signal Academy.

Ebony Zlatko

Cleo has a strong mother-daughter bond with her aunt, Ebony. Cleo sees Ebony as her mother, not Alyson since she was never there for her. 

Love interest

Garnet Tyler

Garnet is Cleo's teammate and also her love interest. While any sort of feelings at the moment is only in friendship, Cleo is close with Garnet. Not only as a friend and team leader, but also as a tutor.


Lyla Lapis

Despite being the only girl on CBLT, Cleo doesn't even have a good relationship with Lyla. Due to Cleo's closed her personality, she hasn't really opened up to Lyla, since Cleo finds her a bit...too hyper for her liking. But she does see Lyla as a valued team member.

Nathan North

Seth Blaine

Yvonne Princeton

RWBY characters

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