Crimson and Midnight are Markus's and Addison Clark's Red Magma and Black Psi-Class dragons respectively. They both were given to Markus and Addision when the both turned 16. After the deaths of their riders, they were taken in by Conner Penn and began to live at Penn Stables. They are still sadden by their riders' deaths, but continue to life happily while also looking after their riders' daughter, Reina while also looking for Valeria's twin, who went missing shortly after.

Crimson is a Red Magma dragon with his coloring being crimson-red, hence his name, and stands at the same height as Pyrrah's dragon, Phorrj. Midnight is a Black Psi dragon with her coloring being dark blue and pale purple and is a little taller than Beau. Both Crimson and Midnight posses some Gold-Class blood within them, which makes them Red Magma and Black Psi-Gold Star class dragon hybrids.

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