Dark City is a city located in Frey and ones of the most famous cities. It is also the hometown of Reina Taylor.

Points of Interest

Dark Academy

Run by Chancellor Yvonne White, Dark Academy is the local school, and so far the only known school in Dark City.

Dark Train Station

One of the cities most used ways of transportation. The train is one of the most populated ways to getting to another location.

Dark Bus Stop

One of the cities ways of transportation.

Dark City Airport


The local docks that goes to any other city or town with docks.

Yugi Muto Museum

The local museum, run by Reina Taylor's mother, Raquelle Taylor. The Museum also holds everything there is to know about Seto Kaiba, Joey Wheeler and many other famous Duelists. It also talks about Atem, the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle and also the Millennium Items.



Not much is known about Dark City in the past.


In the present, Dark City is one the famous cities of Frey. Dark City's school, Dark Academy, is the second known academy in the world.


  • Dark City was named after Yugi Muto's ace card, Dark Magician