Mythic Beast Darkness Cerberus
Darkness Cerberus

Darkness Cerberus is the Leader of the Mythic Beasts

Personal data
Nicknames Beast of Darkness
Shadow King
King of Shadows
Alias "Mythic Beast Darkness Cerberus"
Gender Male
Species Duel Spirit-Cerberus
Occupation Leader of the Mythic Beasts
Partner of Kieryn Rey
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Unknown
Residence With Kieryn Rey
Eye color Dark gray
Fur color Dark brown
Affiliation Mythic Beasts
Partner Kieryn Rey
Friends Chrystal Rey, Ice Wolf
Enemies Chaos Beasts, Chaos
Powers and skills
Element Darkness
Powers Darkness manipulation, dark energy manipulation, Mythic Beast sense
Skills Leadership skills
Weaknesses Unable to sense other Mythic Beasts when using power to protect Kieryn, pure light
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
My duty is to protect Kieryn, but also to defeat them.
Darkness Cerberus


Not much of Cerberus' past is known. The only known thing is that he once served the Chaos Empress, Eris and as leader of the Mythic Beasts. After many years, eventually came into the hands of young Chrystal Rey. Cerberus bonded with Chrystal about two years prior to the start of the series, being her only friend while at Neos Academy.