Devon Reynolds
Personal data
Age 47
Gender Male
Species Human
Deck "Dragon's Heart" (formerly)
Occupation Archaeologist
Professional Duelist (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Vancouver, Canada
Residence Europe (currently)
Ethnicity Canadian
Nationality Canadian-American
Hair color Pale blonde
Eye color Red-Brown
Skin color Average
Height 6'7"
Relatives Aerwyna Reynolds (mother)
Unnamed father (estranged)
Samara Reynolds (wife)
Blake Reynolds (son)
Kylie Reynolds (daughter)
Affiliation Reynolds family
Powers and skills
Skills Dueling proficiency, archaeologist skills
Weaknesses Protective of Kylie and Blake
Equipment KaibaCorp
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Trials of Darkness (mentioned)
Chaos of The Light (mentioned)
The Dark Dimensions (mentioned)
Nightmare of Darkness (mentioned)
New Changes (alternate counterpart)

Devon Reynolds is the only son of Aerwyna "Aeryn" Reynolds, a former professional duelist himself, and is now an archaeologist. He is the husband of Samara Reynolds and the father of Blake and Kylie Reynolds. In his youth, Devon dueled with a "Dragon's Heart" deck which he later passed to his son.

Physical description

Devon is a tall man with shaggy, pale white-blonde hair and hazel eyes. Both of his children inherited his pale blonde hair, though their hair is much lighter, while they gained their mother's dark red eyes. Blake inherited Devon's height.


Devon is a kind, caring and protective father. He cares greatly for his children and like any normal father, is highly protective over Kylie. When he works, he is very into it.


Devon was born in Vancouver, Canada to Aerwyna "Aeryn" Reynolds. Devon's father left when he was very young so he doesn't remember much about him. After his father's abandonment, Aeryn took Devon and moved him Houston Texas where he would spend all his childhood, teen years and college years. He became best friends with Christian Anderson at a young age the two continued to be friends even after Christian met Raelyn Crystal, a young woman who became one of the new veterinarians at their local animal hospital.

Shortly after Christian met Raelyn, Devon met Samara Reynolds a young archeologist. It was love at first sight for Devon, but he decided to take it slow with Samara. Eventually, she revealed that she didn't know what love was since her parents were never married and didn't show it with anyone else. After a few years of dating, Devon asked Samara to marry him, which she accepted. They ended up doing a double wedding with Christian and Raelyn as the two woman soon became best friends as well. It was thanks to Samara that Devon even got into archeology and soon began to take classes.

By the time they were 22 and 23, Samara had given birth to their first child, a son they named Blake Alejandro Reynolds. They were in Spain doing some digs when Samara fell pregnant with Blake and opted to just stay until the end of her pregnancy.

Six years later, while in Norway visiting Christian and Raelyn (they had to move due to Christian's job), Samara revealed to be pregnant with their second child and they just stayed in Norway. Samara gave birth to their daughter, Kylie Chloe Reynolds. After some talks, Devon and Samara decided to make Norway their home for the time being, especially with the children so young.

Trials of Darkness


  • Originally, Devon was going to be Blake and Kylie's abusive father, but that was later scratched.
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