Dragon's Claw
Owner Cameron Zlatko
Other Zlatko family members (formerly)
Type Ranged, Melee
Weapon derivation Falchion
Dragon's Heart, Dragon's Claw and the Phoenix Soul have been in the Zlatko family for generations. Now, it's your turn to use it.
Cameron Zlatko

Dragon's Claw is Cameron Zlatko signature weapon. It is a falchion and has been in the Zlatko family for many generations alongside Dragon's Heart and the Phoenix Soul.



Dragon's Claw looks similar to a normal falchion, the only difference is that the hilt/handle is in the shape of a dragon's header with the "eyes" of the dragon being a bright crimson red. When not in use, the blade shrinks down into the hilt leaving only the dragon-head visible.


The origin of Dragon's Claw is unknown, only that it Cameron has had it since he began at Beacon Academy years ago. According to Cameron, the Dragon's Claw has been in the Zlatko family for a very long time, alongside the Dragon's Heart and the Phoenix Soul.


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