Dragon's Heart, Dragon's Claw and the Phoenix Soul have been in the Zlatko family for generations. Now, it's your turn to use it.
Cameron Zlatko

Dragon's Heart is Alyson Zlatko's signature weapon. It is a Chinese Jian and has been in the Zlatko family for many generations alongside Dragon's Claw and Phoenix Soul.



Dragon's Heart is like a normal jian, but the hilt is designed to look like a dragon. When not in use, it is placed in a sheath that has phoenix designs along it.


The origin of Dragon's Heart is unknown, only that it was given to Alyson when she started at Signal Academy. According to Cameron Zlatko, Dragon's Heart has been in the Zlatko family for a very long time, alongside the Dragon's Claw and Phoenix Soul.


  • Dragon's Heart was inspired by a Chinese Jian sword.
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