Dragon Hunters
Basic Information
Founder Calindor
Leader Ciaran Reid
Hades Reid (Second-in-command)
Members Kai Reid, Arashi Nozaki, Lia Avalon, Luke Avalon, Kyla Reid, Marcus Kyle, Camille, Akari Takaishi
Status Active

The Dragon Hunters, also known as the Hunters and Hunters of the Legendary Dragons, are a group of duelists that work under Calindor and are after the Legendary Dragons. They are the antagonists of Legend of the Dragons.


Ciaran Reid is the leader of the Dragon Hunters and the father of June Nozaki through Arashi. He duels with the "Archfiend" archetype. He is also the older brother of Hades and Kyla and the adoptive older brother of Kai Reid.
Hades Reid is Ciaran's younger brother, the older brother of Kyla and Kai's older adoptive brother. He duels with the "Frightfur" archetype. He is very loyal to his older brother and Calindor.
Kai Reid is the younger adoptive brother of Ciaran and Hades and Kyla's older adoptive brother. He is Ciaran's right hand man and duels with a "Dragon/Warrior" deck. He is silent and rarely talks.
Kyla Reid is the younger sister of Ciaran and Hades and Kai's adoptive sister She duels with a "Beast" deck and is also a skilled medic.
Arashi Nozaki is Kyla's best friend and the mother of June through Ciaran. Her deck is unknown.
Lia Avalon duels with a "Fairy" deck and is the twin sister of Luke.
Luke Avalon duels with an "EARTH" deck and is the twin brother of Lia.
Marcus Kyle duels with a "DARK" deck.
Camille is a Vampire and specializes with a "Zombie/Vampire" Deck. She is 17 -years-old, but is actually 1170.
Akari Takaishi is Hades's girlfriend. She duels with a "Poison" Archetype. She loves her boyfriend very much and will do anything from, including taking an attack meant for him.
Calindor is the creator of the Dragon Hunters and the father of Ciaran, Hades and Kyla and Kai's adoptive father.


Trials of Darkness series
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