Dusk the Hedgehog
Personal data
Alias Ultimate Life Form
Age Around 20 (physically)
50+ (biologically)
Gender Male
Species Artificial Processed Transgenic Hedgehog with Black Arms DNA
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Nova Lioness
Appearances Sonic X Retold 2
Return to Camelot (as Sir Gareth)
I am the Ultimate Life Form. Those that get in my way will not live to see the next day.
Dusk the Hedgehog
Dusk the Hedgehog (ダスク ・ザ ・ヘジハッグ Dasuku za Hejihaggu) is an anthropomorphic male hedgehog created by Black Arms DNA and the older brother of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Physical description

Dusk is a male hedgehog with black fur, red highlights, dark tan skin and dark ruby red eyes. He wears red and white light weight jet shoes, black tongues on his white gloves and white rings.


Much like his younger brother, Dusk is extremely arrogant, aggressive, brooding and very loyal to whoever he is serving and determined to whatever cause he is fighting for. However, his arrogant personality is much great than that of his brother. He is anti-social and does not speak or smile much. He will smirk when someone messes up something. But deep down, he does have a heart. Though Dusk does have a ruthless edge in combat and displays a natural "killer instinct". 



  • Chaos energy manipulation: Dusk is able to tap into Chaos energy and use its powers for various effects.
    • Chaos energy generation: Dusk is able to create, absorb, and generate Chaos energy and is capable of using Chaos Control, Chaos Lance, Chaos Spear, Chaos Blast, and Chaos Boost.
    • Chaos energy constructs: Dusk is able to create anything varying from spheres, blades, waves, blasts, to weapons and tools from chaos energy.
    • Chaos energy sense: Dusk is able to sense when a Chaos Emerald is near by.
  • Spin Dash: Like Shadow, Dusk is able to become a spinning ball and attack his opponents.
  • Supersonic speed: Dusk had supersonic speed, but is only able to keep up Sonic via his jet shoes.
  • Immortality: Dusk was gifted with immortality.
  • Super Transformation: Dusk does have the power to take a super form, but if its the same as his brother is unknown.
  • Enhanced intelligence


  • Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes
  • Vehicular Knowledge
  • Hand-to-Hand combat
  • Advanced weapons Combat


  • Inhibitor Rings: Dusk must wear inhibitor bracelets in order to keep his power level down. If he were to remove them his power would enhance by a lot but would leave him weaken.


  • Dusk is set to take Shadow's place as Eggman's minion while Shadow is set to be placed on the side of good, but still maintain his cold attitude towards others