Ebony Zlatko (born Ebony Lilac) is the wife of Huntsmen and Team CYAN leader, Cameron Zlatko and the aunt of Cleo Zlatko. Ebony's choice of weapon is a bladed staff.

Physical description

Ebony is a middle aged woman with short black hair with purple streaks and blue eyes.


Ebony is a kind, caring and love aunt - or mother figure in Cleo's case. Family is very important to Ebony, much like Cameron. She loves Cameron and Cleo very much and will not hesitant to help them in battle. She is protective over Cleo much like a mother is, considering that her own mother abandoned her.



  • Aura: Ebony is able to use Aura, the manifestation of her soul, for various purposes in battle
  • Semblance - Unknown: Ebony's Semblance is unknown.
  • Enhanced speed and agility


  • Hand to hand combat: Despite lacking the proper training, Ebony is skilled in hand to hand combat. 
  • Combat mastery: Ebony is very skilled in physical combat - having gotten more training after she started to date Cameron.
    • Staff proficiency: Ebony is skilled in using her staff.



  • Zlatko is a Croatian pet form of Croatian/Serbian Zlatan, meaning "gold."
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