Electrica the Hedge-Tiger
Electrica the Hedge-Tiger

Electrica is the daughter of Shadow and Sparklie and the twin sister of Thunder.

Personal data
Nicknames Zaps
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Mobian hedgehog-tiger with Black Arms DNA
Morality Neutral
Living status Alive
Additional info
Date of birth May 27
Place of origin Mobius
Residence Mobius
Nationality Mobian
Hair color Red
Eye color Red
Fur color Black, white
Father Shadow
Mother Sparklie
Siblings Thunder
Cousins Alana
Uncle Blizzard
Grandparents Winter, Calor, Black Doom, Anastasia, Voltage
Friends Thunder and Cerise
Enemies Dr. Ivan Eggman
Powers and skills
Ability Speed
Powers Lightning manipulation, Chaos energy manipulation, enhanced strength
Skills Dancing, agility
Weaknesses Chai tea, fighting
Equipment Chaos Scarf
Production notes
Created by Icyi
Appearances Next GENERATION
Clash Between Worlds
The Blue Blur Returns

Electrica the Hedge-Tiger (エレクトリクア・ザ ・ヘッドゲ-ティッガー Erekutorikua za Heddoge-Tiggaa), also known as Zaps (ザップス Zappusu), is a Sonic: Next Generation character. She is the youngest daughter of canon character Shadow the Hedgehog and fan character Sparklie the Tiger and the younger sister of Thunder the Hedge-Tiger.

Physical description

Electrica is the 15 year old daughter of Shadow and Sparklie and the younger twin sister to Thunder. Electrica appears more tiger-like than hedgehog. Electrica has black fur with red stripes, black and red quills, red eyes, red hair, and a white furry chest. She also has a red lightning bolt on her forehead. She wears a dark purple vest, black pants, black fingerless gloves, black hover boots and a pink scarf with glitter of the pieces of the Chaos Emeralds, also known as the Chaos Scarf.


Due to all the teasing when she was younger, Electrica has turned antisocial, always serious and cold personality. However, she does have a nice personality, but only shows to a few. She is always thinks ahead and very mature for her age.


Thunder the Hedge-Tiger

Thunder is Electrica's twin brother.

Cerise the Hedge-Wolf

Cerise is Electrica’s best friend. The two are very similar and are almost the same. Like with her, Cerise’s elemental powers didn’t appear until she was 13-14. Since the two of them often got teased at school, they sort of joined forces and the bullies stopped teasing them…and because of their overprotective twin brothers.


From her mother’s side, Electrica inherited the power of lightning manipulation, which allows her to do many things. From her father’s side, she inherited his power of Chaos Energy manipulation. Electrica also possess enhanced strength. She is also able to transform into a super form, to which she becomes Super Electrica.


Electrica is the daughter of Sparklie and Shadow and the twin sister of Thunder. When she was younger, Electrica’s powers didn’t manifest at a normal age like most tigers from Element Village. Because of this, she was teased a lot at school, which caused her to become cold to other people who teased her.

Electrica grew up alongside Cerise and Raiden the children of Sonic and Flare, though she was closer to Cerise due to both of them not gaining their elemental powers until they were older.

Clash Between Worlds

After Raiden and Cerise’s 16th birthday, Electrica and Thunder and the hedgehog-wolf twins are suddenly warped to another world where Flare doesn't even exist! What's going to happen? Once landing in the other world, the twins meet alternative versions of their friends! What the heck is going on and why does Raiden think that Ivan Eggman is behind it



  • At a young age, she was almost lost her brother during the battles against Dr. Eggman.
  • Like Shadow, she uses weapons to fight against her enemies.
  • She didn't wear receives the Chaos Scarf until she turned 15.
  • She was once nice and kind, but the bullies in her past had tease her for not having any powers yet which is why is she acted cold towards anyone she just met.
  • Electrica nd Cerise are similar in ways:
    • Both appear more after their mothers in appearance.
    • Both are the younger twin