The Element Village is the home to a group of tigers that resides on the South Island in Mobius. They were founded by Anastasia and are currently led by Calor the Tiger.

Known residents


  • Elemental manipulation: Members of the Tiger Clan are born with the power to manipulate the elements of fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, ice, plant, light, and darkness.
    • Pyrokinesis: Those who inherit this power are able to create and control fire, as well as heat energy. They can utilize fire to burn and incinerate anything they wish and can even solidify flames to form constructs. Fire tigers' tails will only light up when they are angry are using their attacks
      • Fire generation: The ability to generate fire from nothing.
      • Fire projection: The ability to project fire.
      • Fire attacks: The ability to unleash fire in the forms of balls, blasts, bombs, and waves.
      • Heat vision: The ability to emit pure heat energy from one's eyes.
      • Combustion inducement: The ability to cause matter to burst into flames and explode.
      • Heat manipulation: They ability to control, generate and absorb heat.
      • Fire immunity: The ability to be resistant to the element of fire. Their bodies can withstand incredibly high temperatures, allowing them to remain unharmed by fire.
      • Pyrokinetic constructs: The ability to create constructs out of flames.
      • Pyrokinetic flight: The ability to achieve flight or increase one's speed in flight by projecting themselves forward with fire.
      • Pyrokinetic combat: The ability to fuse fire with physical combat.
    • Hydrokinesis: Those who inherit this power are able to control water in a variety of ways. They can walk on, surf on and even transform into water while also being able to create tidal waves and stimulate rain. Water tigers are born with fish-like tails to swim.
      • Hydrokinetic constructs: The ability to solidify water into solid form and shape it into usable constructs, such as tools, appendages, weapons, and defensive structures.
      • Hydrokinetic combat: The ability to fuse water with physical combat.
      • Water mimicry: The ability to "melt" parts of their body into water.
      • Water walking: The ability to walk along the surface of water.
      • Water surfing: The ability use water to enhance their movements and maneuverability.
      • Healing water: The ability to heal using water.
      • Tidal wave generation: The ability to generate tidal waves.
      • Whirlpool generation: The ability to generate whirlpools.
      • Cold resistance: The ability to withstand cold temperatures in water.
      • Pressure resistance: The ability to resist underwater pressures deep in the ocean.
    • Geokinesis: Those who inherit this power are able to shape and control earth, stone, rocks and dirt. They can form constructs from earthen materials, surf atop earth and even generate powerful shock-waves to destabilize people and structures and even cause full-scale earthquakes.
      • Geokinetic constructs: The ability to create constructs out of earthen material.
      • Geokinetic combat: The ability to fuse earth with physical combat.
      • Earth projection: The ability to release/use earth to various attacks.
      • Burrowing: The ability to burrow into the earth, digging tunnels as they goes.
      • Matter surfing: The ability to create a wave of soil and dirt to ride.
      • Earthquake creation: The ability to create and cause powerful earthquakes.
      • Tectonic plate manipulation: The ability to control the movement of tectonic plates.
      • Seismic sense: The ability to sense and perceive vibrations in the ground giving them an enhanced sense of awareness, the ability to sense underground caverns and tunnels and the ability to tell if a person is lying based on their heart rate.
    • Aerokinesis: Those who inherit this power are able to control wind and air. They can repel electrical and sound attacks and lift objects with air. They can also generate windstorms such as cyclone and tornadoes. The wind tigers are born with wings.
      • Windstorm manipulation: The ability to control various wind related weather phenomena.
      • Aerokinetic combat: The ability to fuse physical combat with air.
      • Aerokinetic constructs: The ability to solidify air to form constructs, such as tool, weapons, appendages and barriers
      • Air walking: The ability to walk on air.
      • Electrical resistance: The ability to use the air to insulate electricity.
      • Telekinesis: The ability to move the air around objects and levitate them.
      • Cyclone spinning: The ability to use wind to spin like a tornado.
      • Sound absorption: The ability to nullify sound waves by keeping air molecules still.
    • Electrokinesis: Those who inherit this power are able to create and control lightning. They can naturally generate and absorb electrical energy, which they can discharge through destructive bolts and even use to power up machines.
      • Electrokinetic combat: The ability to fuse lightning with physical combat.
      • Electrokinetic constructs: The ability to create tools, weapons, armor, appendages and barriers out of lightning.
      • Electricity generation: The ability to generate electricity from nothing.
      • Electricity projection: They ability to project electricity outward.
      • Electricity attacks: The ability to unleash electricity and lightning in the form of various attacks, such as beams, bolts, blasts, waves, balls and scattershots.
      • Shocking: The ability to shock any attacker that makes physical contact with her them.
      • Electricity absorption and redirection: The ability to absorb external electrical energy and redirect it.
      • Electricity conductivity: The ability to be and induce electrical conductivity in external targets by charging them with electricity.
      • Electrical immunity: The ability to resist electricity and be unharmed by it.
      • Lightning infusion: The ability to imbue certain objects with electrical energy.
      • Paralysis inducement: The ability to paralyze individuals with electricity.
      • Electrokinetic flight: The ability to fly using electricity.
    • Chlorokinesis: Those who inherit this power are able to control plant life and wood. They can accelerate the growth of plants, generate poisons and pheromones and animate plants to do their bidding.
      • Plant generation: The ability to generate plants and wood from nothing.
      • Plant growth: The ability to promote the growth of any plant-life.
      • Leaf projection: The ability to produce and shoot razor sharp leaves as projectiles.
      • Pheromone generation: The ability to produce various pheromones from their plants with varying effects.
      • Chlorokinetic constructs: The ability to create constructs from various plants. They can form appendages, armor, barriers, weapons, restraints and even golems.
      • Wood fortifications: The ability to reinforce the strength of wood to create powerful barriers and fortifications. In addition, they can fortify the density of wood in order to increase its physical strength and durability.
      • Toxin generation: The ability to create a variety of poisons and toxins found naturally in plants and use them to their advantage.
      • Food growth: The ability to grow various fruits and vegetables with ease.
      • Camouflage: The ability to blend in with leaves and the environment.
      • Life magic: An extention to the use of plant manipulation, users of life magic are capable to heal and restore things and humans. However, only the most skilled can bring people back from the dead.
    • Photokinesis: Those who inherit this power are able to create and control light particles and energy. They can execute formulated blasts and beams while also bending light to project holograms and achieve invisibility.
      • Light generation: The ability to generate light energy from nothing.
      • Light absorption: The ability to absorb external light energy.
      • Light attacks: The ability to unleash light in the form of various attacks such as blasts, bolts, beams, waves, bombs, balls, and scattershots.
      • Invisibility: The ability to bend the light around and off themselves to render them invisible.
      • Holographic projection: The ability to use light to project holographic projections of either themselves or anything else they wish.
      • Photokinetic combat: The ability to fuse light and physical combat
      • Photokinetic constructs: The ability to solidify light and shape it into constructs, such as appendages, armor, barriers, weapons, and tools.
    • Umbrakinesis: Those who inherit this power are able to create and control shadows and darkness energy. They can create shadow constructs and even merge into their own shadows to travel via shadows and dark spaces.
      • Darkness adaptation: They are easily able to adapt to dark environments and possesses heightened sense in the absence of light.
      • Umbrakinetic combat: They can fuse darkness and physical combat.
      • Shadow projection: They can release darkness and shadow energy in the form beams, bolts, waves, balls and blasts.
      • Umbrakinetic constructs: They can mold and shape darkness and shadows into tools or objects such as appendages, armor, barriers, restraints and weapons.
      • Darkness teleportation: They can teleport from one area of shadows to another.
      • Shadow camouflage and cloaking: They can become invisible while in shadows or areas of darkness.
      • Shadow form: They can physically transform into a shadow, which also grants intangibility.
      • Night vision: They can see clearly in darkness.
      • Night empowerment: They become stronger during the night


Element Village was founded by Anastasia.


Long ago, a single tiger was given the power of all elements by enchanted emeralds. It used its powers only for good and help others. Then one day, it disappears after risking it's life to save a close friend... It somehow split into eight tiger of eight elements. Since then, they all remember the one tiger that risk the life to save a friend. Now, the tiger is a spirit of the Tiger Clan.



  • The Tiger Clan was originally created by Icyi
  • Only females have fluffy chest fur while males barely have none or less fluffy
  • Cubs will sometimes get their element at ages 5 to 7; late bloomers get it at age 8-13
  • Most of Ice/Snow tigers live on Snow Storm Mountain and sometimes wear winter clothes
  • No tigers can learn more than one element
    • Anastasia is the only one to by pass this.
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