Elena Santos
Elena Santos

Elena is a first year Obelisk Blue and is the love interest of Chazz Princeton.

Personal data
Alias Harpie Duelist
Age 15 (Season 1)
16 (Season 2)
17 (Season 3)
18 (Season 4)
Gender Female
Species Human
Deck "Celestial Knight"
Occupation Student of Duel Academy
Obelisk Blue
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Residence Domino City, Japan
Ethnicity Brazilian
Nationality Brazilian, Japanese
Hair color Dark purple (dyed)
Brown (original)
Eye color Light grey
Skin color Average
Love interest Chazz Princeton
Relatives Pedro Santos (father, estranged)
Júlia Santos (mother, estranged)
Carlos Santos (older brother)
Jorge Santos (older brother)
Óscar Santos (older brother)
Sergi Santos (older brother)
Julian Santos (older brother)
Aarón Santos (older brother)
Friends Kylie Reynolds, Alexis Rhodes
Powers and skills
Skills Dueling proficiency, multilingual
Equipment Duel Disk
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Trials of Darkness
Chaos of The Light
The Dark Dimensions
Nightmare of Darkness

Elena Santos is a first year Obelisk Blue student, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Santos, and the younger sister of six other brothers. Her eldest brother, Carlos Santos, is her legal guardian. She is the love interest of Chazz Princeton and uses a "Celestial Knight" deck, based off the constellation.

Physical description

Elena is of average weight and height with shoulder length dark purple hair, which she died from the original dark brown, and light grey eyes. She wears the normal Obelisk Blue Girl Uniform consisting of a white sleeveless jacket that stopped before her waist with grey-blue trimming, over a black sleeveless turtleneck, light blue skirt with grey-blue trimming and royal blue boots. She also wears a pair of leggings underneath the skirt.


Elena is a kind and gentle soul. Family is very important to her, despite her not really even knowing her own parents. She cares for her Deck and won't let anyone down them just because some might be weak. She loves to duel and will accept any challenge. When she first met Chazz, she was very timid around him but to better as she spent more time with him, with him eventually asking her out.



  • Dueling proficiency: Elena is a skilled duelist and she is quickly able to adapt and change a current plan if needs be. She is especially good working with the "Harpie" archetype.
  • Multilingual: Elena is multilingual, capable of speaking Spanish, Portuguese and English. She tends to curse out in Spanish.


  • Academy-Issued duel disk


Prior to the series

Elena was born in Brazil to Pedro and Júlia Santos as the youngest of seven siblings. Pedro is the CEO of a company in Brazil and is rarely home and Júlia is a famous model, and she too was rarely at home. She was often left to be watched over by nannies hired by her parents, though they never watched her.

When she was six-years-old, she was found by Carlos wheezing and having trouble to breath. After being rushed to the hospital by Carlos, it was revealed that she was severely dehydrated. Carlos then took her to Spain where while she was being cared by a friend's mother, he gave their parents the choice: give him guardian and parental rights over Elena or he'll tell the world what they did to their youngest child. In the end, his parents sent over the parental rights and that was the last time Carlos or Elena heard from their parents.

While Carlos was in school, Elena was cared by her brother's friend's mother, and she didn't mind one bit. After Carlos graduated with his major in Dueling History and Teaching, the two took a trip to Egypt where they saw the Great Pyramids and even the tablets of Pharaoh Atem. That was when Elena first got into Duel Monsters.

Between the ages of 10 and 12, the siblings moved to Japan were Carlos started working at the local university. Around her eleventh birthday, Elena learned of a "Create Your Own Archetype" was taking place. She decided to enter and made cards based off the Constellations, something she had been into since before they moved to Japan. In the end, Elena won the contest and her "Celestial Knights" were real.

At the age of 15, Elena applied to attend Duel Academy.

Trials of Darkness


As the youngest and only daughter of a family of seven, Elena didn't have the best relationship with her parents since they were rarely home. She had a good bond with her brother Aarón, since he was the closest to her in age, and of course Carlos who was the one that mainly took care of the two. After she got severely dehydrated when she was six, Carlos took her and moved to Spain where she was raised until she was around 10.


Elena duels with a "Celestial Knight" deck which is based off the Constellations. Her main strategy is to summon her ace, "Celestial Knight - Draco", by getting at least 5 Knights to the Graveyard. However, she always has a backup plan which revolves in summoning her second powerhouse, "Celestial Knight - Andromeda".

Effect Monsters

  • Celestial Knight - Corvus
  • Celestial Knight - Vulpecula
  • Celestial Knight - Lynx
  • Celestial Knight - Pavo
  • Celestial Knight - Cancer
  • Celestial Knight - Lupus
  • Celestial Knight - Taurus
  • Celestial Knight - Andromeda
  • Celestial Knight - Libra
  • Celestial Knight - Aquarius
  • Celestial Knight - Leo
  • Celestial Knight - Ursa
  • Celestial Knight - Draco

Spell/Magic cards

  • Star Burst (Normal Spell)
  • Celestial Arena (Field Spell)

Trap cards

  • Celestial Barrier (Continuous Trap)


The Ties That Bind series
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