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Elijah Storm
Personal data
Nicknames Eli
Age 18
Gender Male
Species Werewolf
Shifted 14
Occupation High school student
Heir of the Storm River Pack
Future Alpha of the Storm River Pack
Member of the Storm River Pack
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Birth date April 2, 1987
Place of origin Seattle, Washington
Residence Forks, Washington
Ethnicity American
Nationality American
Hair color Black
Eye color Sky blue
Skin color Pale/Tan
Height 6'4"
Love interest Kylie Reynolds
Relatives Marcus Storm (father)
Maya Storm (mother)
Courtney Storm (younger sister)
Kellan Storm (younger brother)
Cody Storm (uncle)
Nicole Storm (aunt)
Brody Storm (cousin)
Stacy Storm (cousin)
Affiliation Storm River Pack, Storm Cliff Pack
Powers and skills
Powers Mind link, telepathy, enhanced senses, shifting
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Caught Between Two Worlds

Elijah Storm is the son of Alpha Marcus Storm and Luna Maya Storm, the next alpha of the Storm River Pack, the older brother of twins Courtney and Kellan Storm, nephew of Alpha Cody and Luna Nicole Storm of the Storm Cliff Pack and the cousin of Brody Storm and Stacy Storm.

Physical appearance

Elijah is a rather tall young man, standing at six foot four with black hair and sky blue eyes. He normally wears dark clothing, including a black leather jacket or hoodie, dark t-shirt, and dark jeans.

As a werewolf, he is a jet black wolf with sky blue eyes. He stands the same height as his father.


Elijah is kind, caring and strong. He will easily stand in to protect a member of his pack and family from harm. He isn't good with dealing with his emotions - not at all.

Having trained under his grandfather for the past six years, he's developed a cold personality in a way. But still retains his kind and caring personality,



  • Phasing: Elijah is capable of phasing into his wolf form and back into his human form.
  • Alpha voice: As the son of an Alpha and also next in line as Alpha, Elijah to possesses the "Alpha Voice".
  • Regeneration: Elijah has a powerful regenerative healing factor, which allows him to heal at an abnormal rate, faster than any human being can.
  • Mind link: Elijah is able to telepathically talk to the members of his pack.
    • Mind link with Wolf: Elijah is able to telepathically speak with his Wolf, Theo.
  • Supernatural strength: Elijah possesses supernatural strength which makes him stronger than a normal human. As an alpha, his strength is slightly enhanced.
  • Enhanced agility and speed: Elijah possesses enhanced agility and speed which makes him faster than a normal human.
  • Enhanced stamina: Elijah possesses enhanced stamina which makes him stronger than a normal human.
  • Enhanced senses: Elijah possesses enhanced hearing and smell and can even see in the dark.
  • Telepathy: Elijah has a rare power that allows him to read the those of those around him. However, when he met Kylie, he was unable to read her mind, which baffled him.


  • Leadership skills: As future alpha, Elijah has been trained by his grandparents, Jackson and Noelle Storm. He is a skillful leader, as seen when he takes charge when a rouge group of werewolves attack his pack and he jumps right in to defend.
  • Hand to hand combat: Elijah is skilled in hand to hand combat.
    • Fighting skills: Elijah is also skilled in fighting while in his wolf form.


  • Silver: Like all werewolves, silver can greatly hurt Elijah.
  • Wolfsbane: If used, Wolfsbane can cause Elijah to not have any contact with Theo.



  • Elijah takes Jacob's place in Caught Between Two Worlds
Caught Between Two Worlds

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