GX: Next Generation refers to a group of characters that are the offspring of the present group of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX characters both canon and fan.

They will appear in Next Generation.


Jaden Yuki and Kylie Reynolds

Blake Reynolds and Aria King

Kai Reid and Seina Yuki

Brayden Cross and Roxy di Angelo

Chazz Princeton and Elena Santos

Zane Truesdale and Reika Tsumura

Syrus Truesdale

Aster Phoenix

Jesse Anderson and Taylor Montgomery

Atticus Rhodes and Qiang Li

Alexis Rhodes and Ren Shiraki

Jim Cook and Emma Wood

Axel Brodie and Arashi Nozaki

Scott Lucas and Madeline Lucas-Matthews

Zachary Montgomery and Scarlet David

No-Named Parent Children

Other Children


  • Three families have twins while one family has triplets.
Trials of Darkness series
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