Gareth Blake Yuki is the only son and youngest child of Jaden and Kylie Yuki, the younger brother of twins Emmy and Charlotte Yuki and Amber. He is the younger cousin of Cameron and Carmyn Reynolds, Katie Yuki, Aaron and Carey Reid. Because of the close relationship his mother has with Jesse Anderson, he sees Cody and Alyssa Anderson as his cousins.

In terms of appearance, Gareth takes after his father, having the same two-tone brown hair, but with his mother's dark red eyes. When he get older, Gareth will be given his father's Elemental Hero/Neo-Spacian deck, with his Duel Spirit being Neo-Spacian Dark Panther.


Gareth was born to Jaden and Kylie Yuki after the twins and Amber turned 10 years-old, making him the second boy in the entire Yuki-Reynolds household.


  • Gareth is the youngest child of the Yuki-Reynolds Family
  • Gareth was named after his uncle.
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