Garnet Tyler
Garnet Emblem
Personal data
Title "Garnet"
Age 17
20 (when RWBY comes to Beacon)
Gender Male
Emblem Garnet Emblem
Species Human
Occupation Member of Team CBLT
Student of Beacon Academy
Morality Good
Living status Active
Additional info
Hair color Black, dark green tips
Eye color Orange
Skin color Pale
Love interest Cleo Zlatko
Relatives Unnamed adoptive parents
Unnamed birth parents
Partner Cleo Zlatko
Friends Cleo Zlatko, Seth Blaine, Lyla Lapis
Powers and skills
Semblance Shields
Weapon Northblade
Powers Aura, force-field generation
Skills Saber proficiency
Weaknesses No hand-to-handcombat skills
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances The Start of CBLT
...I want to find my birth parents...That's my only wish.
Garnet Tyler

This page is comprised of Garnet Tyler's relationships with various other characters he interacts with.


Beacon Academy

Garnet is a first year student at Beacon Academy.


Garnet is a member of Team CBLT.


  • Unnamed adoptive parents
  • Unnamed birth parents

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler

Garnet has an okay relationship with his adoptive parents. He knows he was adopted but still loves them. They know he suffers from a head injury he got when he was 12. They try to help him remember some things but anything they have tried hasn't worked. But they believe he will remember. They also help him try to figure out who his birth parents are and know that if he would want to live with them, it would be OK.

Birth parents

Garnet knows nothing on his birth parents due to his head injury. But, he thinks they are alive and out there either searching for him or something. He has a pendant that has a picture of his birth parents, but the picture of his father is cut off.

Love interest

Cleo Zlatko

Cleo is Garnet's teammate, leader, partner and love interest. Garnet met Cleo during their Initiation when she helped him during the landing. Even during the first meeting, Garnet had no idea that Cleo was part of the Zlatko family. After he learned of that, he didn't care. He just saw a friend.

Their friendship grew as Cleo began to help Garnet with his combat since he was having a bit of problem, despite knowing how to use Northblade.


Cameron Zlatko

Garnet meets Cleo's uncle when he comes to check up on her. He does find him rather intimidating due to his protectiveness over Cleo along with that he is a well known Huntsmen. He eventually gets over being scared by him and sees him as a mentor.

Ebony "Mrs. Lilac" Zlatko

Garnet holds high respect for his teacher, Mrs. Lilac, who he later discovers is Cleo's aunt. Like any teacher, he does go to her if he is in need of some help.

Lyla Lapis

Lyla is Garnet's team mate and friend. He finds her rather funny at times and doesn't even care that she's a Fanus. He still treats her just the same.

Nathan North

Another member for the disbanded Team CYAN, Garnet sees Nathan as a mentor due to the fact that he also uses Sabers like him. Garnet also feels something with him and Nathan but isn't able to figure out what it is.

Seth Blaine

Garnet gets a little intimidated by Seth. He finds him a bit scary - to him - but not because of his Fanus either. It is mostly because Seth towers over Garnet and unknown to him, because Seth has a crush on Cleo.

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