Garrett Blackburn
Personal data
Age 17
Gender Male
Species Human/Phoenix
Occupation Student of Ever After High
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Date of birth November 31
Place of origin Greece, Monster World
Residence Ever After High
Hair color Black, red and orange streaks
Eye color Light blue
Skin color Tan
Feather color Black
Relatives Phoenix (mother)
Affiliation Ever After High
Friends Jasper Rai
Powers and skills
Powers Fire manipulation, form change, flight
Weaknesses Water
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Burn like the Phoenix.
Garrett Blackburn

Garrett Blackburn is a 2016-introduced and all-around character. Garrett is not part of a fairy tale, but is part of the Greek and Rome mythology, and a transfer from Monster High to Ever After High. In the destiny conflict, he is on Rebel side, as he feels everyone should have their own say in their destiny, not just do something because their family says or wants them to do (despite him wanting to follow his mother as the next Phoenix).



Garret is a kind, friendly and gentle soul. Though, get him made and its trouble. While he doesn't have a temper, temper, he can still get annoyed. He is self-conscious about his wings and doesn't like to show them, his mother and the Rais are the only ones to actually know that he has wings.


Garrett is tall, yet slightly muscular, lean and pretty hot in male terms. He has shaggy, black hair with streaks of red and orange, and bright light blue eyes, which stand out against his tanned skin tone, and a pair of dark tan wings, though he tends to keep those out of sight. He is mostly seen in the colors, black, red and orange.


Garrett enjoys doing sports, mostly with the Dragons. He also enjoys going into the Enchanted Forest just to take a walk, and when no one is watching, spread his wings.



  • Pyrokinesis: As the son of the Phoenix, Garrett was born with the power to manipulate fire, however, in his case, his fire burns black.
  • Understanding birds: As the son of the Phoenix, also a winged creature, bird, Garrett is able to understand birds. And as his mother is normally in his Phoenix form, he's learned how to communicate with her.
  • Form change: Garrett is also able to transform from a human form [default form] to his phoenix form, where he turns into a jet black phoenix. He doesn't like to change if he can help it, but only changes at home for his mother. He has a better time understanding her when his phoenix form since his mother is always in her phoenix form.
  • Flight: When in his phoenix form, Garrett is capable of flight. Though he doesn't go very fast, as he doesn't want to be caught flying.


  • Knowledge on dragons: While helping the Rais during summer break, Garrett learned things on dragons including how to care and the types of food they like.
  • Dragon caring and training: Garrett is skilled in caring and training, having to help Jasper and her father during summer vacations (Garrett was a helper at the Dragon Ranch). He is not as experienced as Jasper, but is still able to take care of the dragons.



Garrett's mother is the legendary Phoenix (when in her human form she uses the name Sky Blackburn); he never knew his father. He grew up in the Monster World version of Greece before moving to the world of Ever After, though he is still unsure why his mother decided to move.

He has a normal Mother-Son relationship and while growing up, he was a big Mama's Boy, seeing she was the only adult in his life. Of course, while growing up, Garrett was normally in his Phoenix form.

Best Friends Forever After

Garrett's very Best Friend Forever After is none other than Jasper Rai. Like him, she was a Monster Transfer. They both know what it is like to transfer but keep a secret from the other students knowing who they really are. Garrett cares for Jasper, but only in a brotherly type way. They saw each other a lot during the summers back in the World of Monsters, due to Garrett working for her father. Garrett was the one person - other than her own father - that Jasper would actually speak to.

Garrett can also relate to Jasper: she grew up with a single parent, and so did he. They often compare their parents to each other and find out that both tend to stay in their animal form more than their human form. 

Though, some times he does get annoyed when people think that he's dating Jasper. He doesn't see Jasper like that, he only sees him as a sister.



Garrett has a pet female mockingbird named Harper, that he was given while living in the Monster World. He was later given a Fire Dragon by the Rais to thank him for his help during the summers before the Rais moved away, named Blackburn, who is, like her name, pure black and breathes black fire. However, unknown to Garrett, Blackburn is actually the sister of Jasper's dragon, Black Beauty

Romantic Interests

Garrett doesn't have anyone in sights at the moment. Though, while at Monster High, during the summers, when he and Jasper would go out to do something for her father, many of the students thought they would look good as couple. Of course, the two didn't think that. They see each other only as brother and sister.

Though, he does find Destiny Claus cute...


Art Garrett's Outfits

Signature - Rebels

Garrett's "Signature – Rebels" outfit consists of a waist-length black leather jacket with red-orange trimming (which covers his wings) over a dark reddish-brown shirt, black jeans, and black boots with orange trimming. He also wears a pendant around his neck in the shape of a phoenix wing.


Legacy Day



Getting Fairest



Mirror Beach

Garrett technically doesn't do anything beach related, but if forced, he will wear a magically shirt, that covers his wings and won't show. His swimming trunks are-like his normally outfit-black with red and orange phoenix designs on the sides.


Hat-tastic Tea Party






Date Night



School Spirit



Dragon Games



Royally Ever After



Epic Winter


Class Schedule

Class Name
Period 1 Science and Sorcery
Period 2 Mythology
Period 3 Magicology
Period 4 Geografairy
Period 5 Grimmnastics
Period 6 Cooking Class-ic


  • His birthday is November 31, yet, he is still older than Jasper.
  • Garrett speaks with a Greek and Rome accent, but it's not very noticeable.
  • Garrett was made due to ShadowSpirit020's friend, Galaxy-Of-Stars slowly drifting away from Ever After High, and to maybe be Destiny Claus's new love interest.
  • Garrett shares Mythology, Geografairy and Grimmnastics with Jasper.
  • Garrett can't cook to save his life and hates Cooking Class-ic, e only took it to maybe get better at it, but sadly, it hasn't worked, yet.



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