Queen Guinevere (グイネヴァーエ Guinevaae) is the Arthurian Times counterpart of Zarina the Tiger. She appears only Saving Camelot and is the love interest of Excalibur Sonic.

Physical description

Guinevere is a slim white tiger with black stripes, pale blue eyes, shoulder-length white hair with black highlights and a tuff of hair covering her left eye. Her attire is a light blue knee-length dress, a hooded cape, and dark blue boots. She also wears white fingerless gloves and metal glove-like gauntlets.


Unlike her normal counterpart, who keeps to herself, Guinevere is kind, bright and friendly person. But like her original counterpart, she hates being told what to do. Guinevere cares very much for her people and has a soft spot for kids. She is a quick thinker able to come up with a plan quickly.


Sorceress Voltaic

Sorceress voltaic sparklie profile by icyi-d6u63g8

Sorceress Voltaic

Guinevere was close friends with Voltaic and was sadden at her death

Sir Caldor

Lady Rosetta

Sir Gareth


This incarnation of Zarina still retains her power over lightning manipulation. Guinevere uses her powers to help those in need and is very skilled in battle. 


Guinevere keeps her life prior to being queen a secret. Only three people know of her origins and they are: Sir Caldor, his sister Lady Rosetta and Sir Gareth. Guinevere was the Queen of Camelot through her forced marriage to King Arthur. After King Arthur began to change, she suddenly vanished, never to be heard from again. That day was when King Arthur turned into the Black Knight…

However, when Zarina, Sonic, and Chico are suddenly summoned, everyone believes that the queen has returned.


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